Peter Pan Syndrome and Three Year Olds

“No! I won’t turn four. I am free!” Brinley emphatically exclaimed. She loved being three and loved being young. And yet. Yet she wanted to be independent. She wanted to… View Post

Teaching Charity

image source     This is the big one. Charity is pure love–specifically the pure love of Christ. It is having pure love, concern, and compassion for everyone.   Charity… View Post

Having Patience with a Strong-Willed Child

Parenting The Strong-Willed Child has an entire chapter dedicated to patience. I think that should pull your attention a bit. A book aimed at helping parents deal with difficult children… View Post

Baby Whisperer: P.C. Parent

How to be a patient and conscientious parent and how these skills will help you in your parenting journey. Read for great parenting tips.  A P.C. parent is one who… View Post