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Season Changes Disrupting Sleep

It is that time of year when sleep starts to be disrupted by the changing of seasons. Where you live, it might be getting warmer or cooler. Where I live, it is pretty warm in the evening when our kids go to bed, but by morning it is quite cool in their bedrooms, which can wake them up early.

If your child or children are waking early right now, consider that environmental factor. If that is a possibility, try to problem solve. If you have an older child, consider adding a blanket or switching a blanket for a heavier one. We did that with Brayden, but he still kicks the covers off in the night.

Another thing we have done is changed pajamas for the night. A few weeks ago, a t-shirt and shorts did the trick. We are having to move to warmer pajamas, and I have found Brayden is waking earlier than usual each day unless he is wearing a certain pair of pajamas. So experiment and find what is best for your child right now.

Another thing to do is to tweak the thermostat at night. I personally don't want the heat on in the night because it still gets warm enough in the day that we would then need the central air on. However, it is getting cold enough at night that we do need the air. If you have a programmable thermostat, you might need to change your settings. What worked in the winter might not work in the early fall.

Also, be aware that at this time of year it is a very dynamic process. What worked a week ago might not be enough now.

This can be a frustrating time of year, but keep in mind that it should be relatively short and you can get back to normal. Being aware of it is half the battle.


Reed and Grant said...

HELP!! My twins won't go down for their second nap. We have done babywise since they came home from the hospital. They have always been great sleepers. They are 13 months old and should still need 2 naps. They go down perfectly at 9:45 every morning but won't nap in the afternoon well at all. They play and play and play in their cribs. I try to put them down at 2:30 so they have plenty of time to go down. I usually have to go in there because they are standing up laughing at eachother or playing in the curtains. Sometimes it takes 2 hrs. for them to fall asleep. What should I do?

blah said...

This is a great reminder. I am sooo thrilled to have found your blog. I have been so discouraged in the past few years not being able to find Babywise support.

The Traveling Turtle said...

What about time changes? Do you have any advice on how to keep them on a schedule? I am a working mom and so my child HAS to be up by a certain time each day. Help.

Reds said...

Hi Reed and Grant, my friend has twin boys and for their afternoon nap she has to put one down first until he falls asleep and then put the second one down about 10-15 minutes later. they are 2 yrs old and she has been doing this for a while now. it works great for her, hope this helps!

Plowmanators said...

Reed and Grant, There are a couple of things. One is that is a typical age to start having napping issues. You might need to shorten the morning nap or tweak the napping schedule some. They are approaching an age where they can be old enough to drop that nap, so they are most likely in that hard transistion phase.

Also, is there any way you can put them in different rooms for the afternoon nap? Maybe take turns in a pack and play in your room or something? That might help right now.

Plowmanators said...

blah, you are welcome!

Plowmanators said...

Traveling turtle, see this post:

Time Change Strategies:

Plowmanators said...

Reds, good tip! Thanks.

Heather said...

Hello, I've had some sleep problems that I just can't figure out. I have a now 7 month old. She started waking up many times a night since 6 months. I've since then figured out that my milk supply is low in the evening and went to pumping and half formula for the night feeding. I do feed her an extra time at 5:45p to keep my milk supply and it helps her make it until bedtime. That worked for a couple of nights. Now she still is waking from 3-4 times a night again and we just let her C.I.O most of the time. About once a week she will wake up and not stop until I feed her. I have her on a 4 hour schedule most of the day and is eating solids really well. Her naps most days are good at least an hour or more 2 times a day and sometimes the 20min catnap. I'm not sure what else to try. I'm exhausted and frustrated that I can't figure this out. I would love ANY suggestions that you have.

ShawnaBunch said...

Hi, this past week I have been having nap issues and early waking issues with my 9 month old. The morning nap he sleeps great 1.5 hours, but the afternoon nap he keeps waking up only after 30-45 min of napping.He is waking in the mornings anywhere from 5:45- 7:15. Sometimes he will go back to sleep sometimes he will just talk to himself until I come in. We have been on the same exact schedule for 5-6 weeks. We extended his wake time b/c it was taking him 30-45 min to fall asleep. I really appreciate any suggestions! Here is his schedule:

7:30 eat milk and solids

8-10:30 play time

10:30-12:00 nap

12:30 Lunch milk solids and finger food.

1-3 play

3-4:30 nap

5:00 Dinner milk solids and finger food.

5:30- 7:45 play

7:45 bath

8:00 bottle

8:30 bed

Thank You,
Shawna Bunch

Plowmanators said...

Heather, one thing is that if baby is not STTN, you want to be on a 3 hour schedule, not 4. See this post:

5-8 Month Sleep Disruptions :

Plowmanators said...


See this post also:

5-8 Month Sleep Disruptions :

I would suggest he eats every 4 hours in the day. You have a 5 hour interval and a 4.5, then the last one is only 3 hours. He might drink more if it were 4 hours all day--unless of course you have found he absolutely won't eat any earlier.

Also, see the recent post on dropping the morning nap.

Laura said...

Thank you for such a wonderful blog! I feel like I am among friends even though I don't personally know anyone.

I was reading Shawna's comment and your answer regarding her nine month old. I too am having the same issue with my nine month old. He wakes at 5:30 and talks to himself for a while. He goes to bed at 7:00 and is on a 4 hour schedule. He has stopped napping well as of about a month ago. If he sleeps well in the am, he doesn't sleep well in the pm. Is it possible that he may be able to drop the am nap this early? I have read all of your posts on this issue. I am frustrated because I have tried moving his bedtime back to 7:30 and it still didn't help.