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Index: Consistency

Consistent Schedule
Establishing Consistency


Kml said...

Hi, I have been following your blog for 3 years now and have greatly appreciated all your insight and knowledge. I am a firm believer of babywise. It worked for my three year old. My second is now 5 months and we started babywise day 10. It works!!!!! I am having a dilemma. My fthree year old is starting school in a month 830-1230. I have been wacking my brain trying to think how I am going to keep my 5 month old on schedule. He is on a three hour schedule starting at 7 am. I just dropped the dream feed and he has been sleeping through the night (12 hours). He is taking 5 feelings per day. I am so stressed to think about disrupting his good nap and night time sleep but my oldest needs some social time at school. Please help!!!

Lauren Fuller said...

Hello, I need your help. We have a 4 week old (born 2.5 weeks early) and have been following BW from day 1. I have to say, I have found it to be very confusing at times. One problem we have, sometimes, is with waking him to feed. He isn't the best napper, and when he is finally asleep we don't want to wake him to make him eat! From what I have read this MUST be done every 3 hours, though, whether we like it or not, correct? For example, I woke him after a 1.5 hour nap and he was cranky through out the entire feeding and then screamed for almost 10 minutes when put back down. I could tell he was extremely tired and nothing else was wrong. I feel had he been allowed to sleep until he awoke naturally, that entire event would not have occurred. Please just reiterate why waking him to eat trumps allowing a peacefully sleeping baby to continue sleeping. Also, until what age do we continue waking to feed every 3 hours?

EmStapp1 said...

I just need some support. I have 2 boys that I did babywise with and had great success. My baby girl is three months old now and used to do she awesome. She's the first one I've been able to nurse. And at 9 weeks was sleeping 9 hours. But we have just had lots of interruptions lately. I had an oversupply that caused her to feel yucky. Then I had an under supply when I tried to remedy the oversupply and then we finally had her tongue tie clipped-for the second time- and she's recovering. It has been such a struggle to keep any schedule because of these things and now I worry about the funny things three month-5 month olds do in the crib in the early morning hours. Can you just give me some solid support? I feel like I'm losing it.