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Happy Thanksgiving!

It is Thanksgiving again! Last year at this time, a friend had just been struck by the tragedy of losing her two month old baby. This year, another friend has just lost her baby, resulting in a stillbirth.

As I wrote last year, this year I am ever grateful for the love of our Lord. He loves us more than we love ourselves and wants what is best for us. Even better, he knows what is best for us and He can make that happen. He refines us and makes us the best we can be.

I weep as I type. The pain of losing a child is beyond description. My empathy for my friends consumes me. But I am comforted. I see the great faith of my friends as they move forward even as they are in such pain. I wish I could take their pain for them. As a woman who lost her baby to stillbirth at 39 weeks recently described, when you have experienced such a loss, you feel such pain for other families who go through the same. You know the road they have ahead of them and know how hard it will be. You weep for their pain.

But, alas, only One can remove that pain. My best efforts can be spent in prayer on behalf of these women and their families. 

And so I am grateful for prayer. I am grateful for friends. I am grateful for family and for support. 

And I am grateful for the small things in life, too. I am grateful for that teenage boy who randomly decided to shovel our driveway last night. That was very nice of him. I am grateful to be surrounded by such great parents who teach their children so well that a teenage boy would even choose to do that. 

I am grateful for giggles and kisses. I am grateful for modern technology. I am grateful for my iPod. How great is it to be able to carry your entire music collection around with you?

As a storm blows fiercely outside, I am grateful for my home and the comforts I enjoy. 

I am grateful for this time of year to spend time focusing on gratitude. Not what I want and not what I want to give others....just on gratitude. There is much to be thankful for. Let's live life accordingly.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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