Kaitlyn Summary: 10.5 Years Old

This is a summary for Kaitlyn from 10.25-10.5 years old. 

Kaitlyn Summary: 10.5 Years Old


The other night at dinner, Kaitlyn declared that she was getting to be less and less picky lately. I have notice that, also. She is getting better and better about quickly eating what she has before her. I just want all of you facing a picky eater out there to hold tight and press on! Have your rules and requirements. Stick to those. Have the picky eater try new foods and continue to eat portions of foods they don’t like. Do not make separate meals for that picky eater. Be reasonable in your rules, but have them and stick to them. Your payout day will come. It will probably take YEARS. But I look back and I am so glad I stayed strong. 


Sleeping is great. Kaitlyn is a sound sleeper. 


At the end of this time period, we finished Kaitlyn’s new  bedroom. She moved out and is in her own room now and no longer sharing. She was super excited for this development. She declared her room would always stay clean. I wasn’t so sure. But it has been a month and she has! She has kept it very clean. We could still be in the “newness” of it all. But now all of the kids are in their own rooms and all keeping their rooms very clean. I have found sharing kids have a harder time keeping their room clean. I think it is hard for them to really distinguish who belongs to what mess. So it takes more effort to keep things neat and organized. Kaitlyn is in the noisiest bedroom in the house. We decided to put her there because she is a sound sleeper and doesn’t stress out about sleep. If Brayden can’t sleep, he gets worried. Brinley is a light sleeper. McKenna is a deep sleeper and would have been fine there, too. 


The remainder of summer was great for her. She played soccer and we had our big NYC trip. 


School started back up during this time period. Things are going well at school. Kaitlyn loves her teacher. She has always loved her teachers. Last year she loved her teacher so much she was sure she would never like another teacher again, but she is loving her teacher. We have such great teachers at our school, so her risk of not liking a teacher is very low.


Kaitlyn did soccer. Her team did very well. They went to a state level of competition and took first place in their division this fall. They will move to a harder division this spring. She also did piano.


Kaitlyn got her pre-braces off during this time period. She is, of course, thrilled. She will get braces back on once all of her baby teeth fall out. Now we just have the stress of the retainer. It is such an expensive item for a ten year old to he hauling around in her mouth and having to eat at school. I told her if she lost it, her only Christmas present would be a new retainer. It is $200 to replace it, so I fully mean that. She has been very, very responsible with it. Hopefully once Christmas passes, she will be in a solid habit and stay responsible.


School schedule:

7:00 AM–Wake up, get ready for school. Practice piano.

9:00 AM–At school

4:00 PM–Home. Homework if needed. Chores. Free play. 

5:00 PM–Dinner. Then family time

8:00 PM–In bed. She is allowed to read books for a bit before going to sleep. I am able to trust her to decide how long to read.

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