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Hanger Tags {Organizing Life} Free Printable!

Hanger Tags! About two years ago, I started using these hanger tags to make our mornings easier. I LOVE these things.

Each Sunday, I go through my children's clothes and choose their clothes for the week (if your child is old enough to have input on clothing choices, involve your child in this process). I put the tag on the hanger for the appropriate day and hang it in the closet. Then when the child gets up, he/she gets the clothes and gets dressed.

This has several benefits:
  1. Clothing Rotation: I do laundry on Mondays, so choosing our clothes on Sunday means that clothes that were worn in the last week won't be worn this week (with the exception of pants/skirts.shorts since we have fewer of those than shirts). I just like the variety and the more even wear on clothes.
  2. Special Occasions: If Friday is "wear orange day," I can set aside the orange piece of clothing for Friday and know it will be there and ready when Friday morning comes around.
  3. Simplifying Mornings: My favorite benefit is that it simplifies the mornings! I don't need to be around or involved at all in the clothes picking for the day. I don't need to say, "Oops! You can't wear that until Friday! Go change." 
You could even do this for yourself!

Make Your Own:
Do you want some? I have some for you for free. 
  1. Go here to download the file (these are PDF files):
    1. PDF: Click here for the girl version
    2. PDF: Click here for the boy version
    3. PHOTO SHOP FILE: Click here for the girl version
    4. PHOTO SHOP FILE: Click here for the boy version
  2. Print the file. I printed mine on cardstock.
  3. Laminate if desired.
  4. Punch or cut a hole in it so you can slip it on the hangers.


Rosemary Barker said...
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Rosemary Barker said...

Hi Val,

Those two files are coming through as .psd files rather than .pdf. Just wanted to let you know.


Valerie Plowman said...

Thank you Rosemary I will check on that!

Valerie Plowman said...

Okay I fixed it! Thanks so much for letting me know.

7 Seven said...

Thanks for sharing...58eveningdress.