McKenna Baby Summary: Week 45

Schedule and routine for a 44-45 week old baby. Get info on this 10 month old daily schedule and routine for each day and know how to structure your day.

45 week old baby and her sister playing

Aaahhh. Peace. I really hadn’t realized it, but McKenna was grumpy basically for all of January as her tooth broke through. I mentioned last week that she was moaning a lot. Well, this week it broke through and peace ensued.


All is well. We are still nursing four times a day.


She continues to like everything she eats. She loves, loves, loves my homemade rolls. Loves.


She started to get a bit of a rash again. She has it on spots where she rubs as she crawls. She was also getting it in other random places. We discovered our water softener was no longer working right. So we got that fixed, and her skin improved.


We made big progress this week. She didn’t take the nap more days than she did. I think she is very close to having it dropped for good!


So, not four hours after I typed the words “…I need to put more effort into the signing” last week McKenna signed her first word!

I had only spent one meal focusing on it, and I focused on “more” and she signed “all done.” She was apparently just ready to do it on her own. She is an “all done” signing fool now 🙂 She signs it when done playing, eating, sleeping…It is exciting!

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McKenna isn’t a terrible teether, but it impacts her negatively a lot more than it did Brayden or Kaitlyn. It was like a flip switched when that tooth broke through! She was so happy and content. She was sweet little McKenna again.

Babywise Schedule Week 45 Pinnable Image


8:15 AM–wake, nurse, solids (prunes or peaches/apricots and oatmeal). This is when we do a bath and independent playtime. We then do sibling playtime.
10:15 AM–nap.
12:30 PM–wake, nurse, solids (green veggie and applesauce. Sometimes mix with blueberries or cherries). She then “helps” me put Brayden in rest time (which just means telling him to go) and Kaitlyn down for her nap. This is then free play with me in the same room.
2:10 PM–nap
4:30 PM–wake, nurse, solids (yellow veggie and bananas or pears). Then time with Daddy.
5:30ish PM–dinner with family. Finger foods and what we are having. Then time with family.
6:45 PM–nap. Some nights, she stays up until 7:00. Since most of this week included this nap, I am including it in our schedule.
7:45ish PM–wake, nurse, PJs, story, prayers, bed

On nights we dropped the third nap, we did:

7:15-7:30 PM–nurse, PJs, story, prayers, bed.


45 week old baby schedule pinnable image