Babywise Promotes The Family


To be honest, it is difficult to choose just one story of success for Babywise. I have four kids (8, 5,4, and 19 months) and we were on board with Babywise before we even got pregnant. I had watched several families who kids were so well-rounded and happy and SLEPT so well, that I said “I’m doing what they’re doing.”


One of the things I love most about it, is that Babywise promotes the family as a unit. It talks about how a new baby should fit in and be a part of the family, but the family should not revolve around just one member. Even though at times, other family members may have to may sacrifices for another member (especially a new baby), decisions are made for the good of the whole family. One example of this is school drop-offs and pick-ups. During the school year, I have to adjust nap schedules around school pick-ups. For us, it means starting baby’s day earlier than I think they would naturally so that I can ultimately start afternoon naps earlierin order to pick up the older kids on time for school. Another example is Church. We don’t hibernate for months at a time after a baby is born. While we are pretty schedule focused, we have decided for our family that church is a greater priority, and best for the whole family, than a good schedule is on Sundays. So we make that sacrifice.


 Babywise has served our family so well because we decided to make it work for us. We have put in the work and have reaped the benefits. I continue to recommend Babywise to all Mamas and their families because it has been so helpful to us.


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