Benefits in Travel

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We have just traveled to Italy from Los Angeles. I have two boys. Nico age 3 and Marco 11 months. I did Babywise with both boys however boy #1 adapted perfectly and to this day, is very predictable and totally content with a schedule. Baby number 2, a different story. He has fought me from day 1! Ha ha. But by 4 1/2 months was finally sleeping 6pm to 6:30am. Anyway, I was quite nervous for the journey over here. I am happy to report, my 3 yr old has adapted perfectly and has maintained his same routine as home. Still napping and sleeping through the night. I know I owe this to BW. He is very happy and rested and enjoying his vacation! Now, baby #2, not so much. He’s still fighting and I’m going back to the full feedings and routine. He’s happy but not as happy as if he were getting his sleep! Since summer is here and vacations are underway, I thought I’d share that having a BW baby makes time changes and changing environments WAY easier. My 3 yr old even slept 8 hours on the airplane. I’m a super fan and am happy we made the decision to BW our kiddos


And an update: baby #2 is now back to sleeping through the night. It took 3-4 nights to adjust



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