Brayden is Baptized!

So…I am late in posting today. I have a lot of good reasons! Number one is my kids…but here is the story.

Brayden and Nate at Brayden's baptism

The shingles on the roof of the house we bought almost four years ago were so bad they were literally blowing off the house in the wind. So it was time for new shingles! We are do-it-yourself types (especially since doing it yourself in this case saved us over $4,000), so we had to seek out a weekend that we could get it done before the weather got too hot. May seemed the best bet. So Memorial Day weekend it was!

My husband spent the first part of the week leading up to getting stuff ready. Thursday he started with some friends tearing off the old shingles (because this is the best way to do things–not go over them 😉 ).

He took the day off Friday and spent it up on the roof, along with the whole day Saturday. Sunday he took the day off and then Monday he was back on the roof (and literally got on at 6 AM and got off at 5:15 PM for the first time, ate in 15 minutes, then was back up until 11 PM). 

He then spent the rest of the week getting home from work and then working on it until 10-11 PM. 

So what was I doing? Being a single mom. This really would have been okay and tiring, yes, but not a big deal.


Except that the first weekend was Brayden’s birthday party and the next weekend was Brayden’s baptism.

So I couldn’t spend the weeks just doing the absolute necessities -I had to keep things in tip-top shape also as well as plan these big events in Brayden’s life.

SO by the end of the week last week, any time I may have spent on writing my post for today was definitely gone. Then Saturday was the great day of Brayden getting baptized and spending it with family. Then I don’t do any writing on Sundays and today is the first day of summer.

So here I am 🙂 A window into my crazy life the last couple of weeks.

There have been great things. We had help throughout the process of the roof, but the most touching was the influx of men and teenage boys who showed up Monday evening because a storm was rolling in. They worked until 11 PM to make sure we were dried in!

I, in the meantime, made Home Depot runs, took care of my kids, and kept treats continually flowing up on the roof to make sure people had energy and stayed as happy as you can on a roof.

The baptism was a great day. I was sick all day Friday–the kind where you spend most of the day in the bathroom (naturally right? You can just be at the end of week two of being a single mom preparing for one of the biggest days in your child’s life; you need to be sick, too, just to prove you are a mom. Oh yes, AND it was the first day of my period. So great.).

I was worried I would be too spent to enjoy the day Saturday. When I expressed that to Brayden Friday evening, his response was, “Just pray mom.” Aren’t children great! I did pray and I felt great when it counted. What a great milestone to have reached. I can’t believe how old he is!

Hopefully life will slow down some now. I am so grateful it is summer! And I have no big events to plan until Brinley’s first birthday, so I have a couple of months off to just enjoy my family.

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  1. Whew, I'm impressed you're still standing! And congratulations to Brayden – I've only been reading your blog for three years and I can't even believe he's that old now!


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