Brinley Baby Summary {42 Weeks Old}

42 week old baby schedule and routine! 9 month old schedule. Baby schedule for baby’s 42nd week. Baby schedule and routine for the forty-second week of life. 42 week old baby routine and daily life. Learn about feeding solids and finger foods, bathtime, and teething.

Brinley petting a cat

She loves the kitties “Kee-Kih” He looks so pleased right? He is a good sport

This is a summary for Brinley’s 42nd week; she was 41 weeks old.


No changes here.


We went out one evening with friends. We left a bottle with the babysitter…and Brinley REFUSED to eat it. We got home and the babysitter was trying to give it to her and she had her lips pursed and she was refusing. I took her and she took the bottle. Sigh (exasperated)!! 


This week she tried strawberries. They aren’t great strawberries–local and fresh obviously taste better and we aren’t in that season yet. She had some from one container she was just “eh” about and some better ones from another container she ate ravenously. 

I thought I should point out what we do at meals these days. We have done this for several months and I am not sure if I have pointed it out or not.

We feed her the pureed vegetable, then the pureed fruit, then we always follow that up with finger foods. I am not increasing her pureed foods as her appetite increases–she is taking extra in her finger foods. We do peas, cut-up fruits that are soft enough, cheese, black beans, etc.

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Sleeping is good and normal!


Up to this point, I have been bathing her in her little tub that I LOVE (The First Year’s Infant To Toddler Tub). It has a sling for newborns, then the recline position, then the sitting position. I love that it doesn’t take a lot of water for one little baby.

But she is old enough to take a bath with McKenna, and McKenna loves it. So they are taking baths together now. Brinley loves it too 🙂 We have a bath seat similar in concept to this one but it hooks to the side of the tub. I put her in there to help keep her with a personal bubble in the bath.


She finally broke a tooth this week! It is bittersweet. I love the gummy smiles. More than that, I love nursing a baby without teeth ;). I figure I should have about a month before she has top teeth, too, so I should only have to nurse her for a month in fear. Ha!

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One night, my husband was out of town and I needed to get some things into the garden. I had McKenna pushing Brinley in the Cozy Coup.

McKenna left her to run to tell me something, and by the time she made the 40 feet to me, Brinley had tried to climb out and was on the cement crying.

Luckily no injuries. She obviously can’t be trusted alone in that thing. McKenna never tried to get herself out…so hopefully Brinley is not the type with reckless abandon for her personal safety :).


8:45–nurse with solids (fruit, cereal, yogurt, finger foods). Independent Playtime happens in this block.
12:45–nurse with solids (veggie, fruit, finger foods)
5:00–nurse with solids (veggie, fruit, finger foods) 
7:30–feed, then bedtime. In bed by 8:00.



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