Brinley Baby Summary: 33 Weeks Old

33 week old baby schedule and routine. Baby schedule for baby’s 33rd week. Baby schedule and routine for the thirty-third week of life. 32 week old baby routine and daily life. Learn about boosting milk supply, reasons babies don’t sleep when learning news kills, and great toys for 7 month olds.

33 week old Brinley

This is a summary for Brinley’s 33rd week. She was 32 weeks old.


At the beginning of this week, Brinley had a rough time falling asleep one night. I wasn’t sure why. I tried rocking her. I tried feeding her again. She wanted none of it.

Because of this, I thought I should do some pumping to help my supply get full again. It was slowly creeping up after my sickness (remember, I had the 24 hour puke thing), but Brinley is at an age where she won’t just sit and suck “for fun.”

With newborns and young babies, they will suck even past the milk being plentiful, but a baby at this age is much more interested in playing than laying there sucking.

She also was very impatient with the letdown. I typically have a pretty fast and pretty forceful letdown, but after I was sick, it was taking about 2 minutes of sucking for it to come on in the evening, which can be normal for some, but not me and Brinely was very impatient about it.

So I got a good pump and started pumping for a dreamfeed. Things bounced back quickly! After a few days I was over-supplied. I think I will still stick with pumping a “dreamfeed” most nights because I decided I like using the milk the next day.

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I decided to try a bottle again. It has been MONTHS and MONTHS since I last tried a bottle. I was feeling paranoid about my supply and didn’t want Brinley to be hungry. I wouldn’t normally offer a bottle when worried about supply, but since I had a pump and could do some extra pumping, I felt okay about it. She actually took it! I was so excited. Freedom!

So that weekend, Kaitlyn had dance pictures at Brinley’s normal eating time. I decided rather than get her up early to feed her, my husband could just give her a bottle. 

Um, no.

She was totally offended. She would not eat. So Kaitlyn and I went straight home and I nursed her. I have since discovered she will take a bottle from me but not other people…isn’t that weird?!? 

It is better than nothing. And even if that is all she will do, it will be helpful to me. I spent all of Brayden’s basketball season trying to nurse Brinley in the vehicle because she won’t stay still or covered. But she didn’t want to eat in the car–she wanted to look around. So for the upcoming soccer season, I can sit on the sidelines and feed her a bottle if the game is at a feeding time. Small victories.


Brinley loves her exercauser and jumperoo. She also enjoys the standard baby toys.

I love baby toys from Sassy (like these Sassy Newborn Gift Set). We also really like toys from Bright Starts.

She also still totally loves her activity gym–I still haven’t ever turned on the lights and sounds part of this thing, and she LOVES it. This is something I bought new for her, which I debated over because we are pretty sure she will be our last baby and it is expensive (40-60 depending on sales). But it has been completely worth it. She has played with it from a young baby and still fully loves it. This is definitely one of the best gyms out there. 

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I initially worried her rough time falling asleep was due to hunger, but I found the real reason. It was frustration from her sleep sack. She wanted to roll around and found it difficult with the sleep sack. So I started having her sleep in her normal footed pajamas and then some bigger fleece pajamas over that as her “blanket.” She was totally happy after that! I put her in the fleece footed pajamas for each nap, also. I just put it over what clothes she is wearing. 

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With the removal of the sleep sack, she was quite the good roller and maneuver around the crib. She could get into whatever position she wanted to and was content.

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This week, Brinley had cherries. 

By way of information, other foods that are good for this age range (that sound interesting to me) that Brinley has not yet had are plums, papaya, and egg yolk (NOT whites). You can scramble egg yolk or give it from boiled eggs. 

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This week, there was still some residual grumpiness that I think can be attributed to schedule adjustment with the time change. We did shift the schedule by thirty minutes this week. It made mornings so much smoother with getting kids ready for school!


8:30–nurse with solids (fruit, cereal, yogurt)
12:30–nurse with solids (veggie, fruit, cereal)
4:30–nurse with solids (veggie, fruit, cereal, finger foods)
7:30–feed, then bedtime. In bed by 8:00.



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17 thoughts on “Brinley Baby Summary: 33 Weeks Old”

  1. You know, sometimes it's nice to hear that other moms have similar challenges with nursing and rejection of bottles as I've had. And a baby who won't stay covered or still but just wants to play. Sounds like my little one right there… except being your fourth, you're much better prepared than I was with number one!

  2. helllo! I am in need of some help! my daugher is 7 months, and just this week she has started waking suddenly 20 minutes into her nap.. and waking at 530 in the morning also. I am not sure about these changes as nothing has changed in wake times etc. I tried feeding her once at the 530 time and she nursed but thne would barely eat when she woke up at 8.. i let her cry it out today and she cried and cried for an hour! We recently moved in to my parents house( 3 days ago) as our house is being remodleed. Do you think this could be it? I dont know what else to do..

  3. Hi, I'm interested in what you have to say to Garrett and Denise…my 28 week daughter is going through pretty much the same thing. Her naps are really short, usually 20-30 mins but she wakes up happy and talking to herself. Occasionally her afternoon nap will extend to an hour or more (never more than 90mins though). Her wake time is roughly 90 mins in the morning and 2 hours for the others. She's in bed at 8 and occasionally wakes up in the night (she has only slept through the night a handful of times in her life) but now she is waking up between 5-6am. My main question is am I expecting too many hours of her at night? I've been considering putting her to bed at 8:30 hoping that will get us to 7:30am. I would really appreciate your help. As a first time mom and no support with BW I am lost!

  4. I think I have mentioned before that we absolutely love the Tiny Love gym. My first son used it, and then I loaned it to my sister for her son and now my 33 week old is using it. It was totally worth the money. Also, Super Baby Foods says you can intro zucchini and asparagus at this time. We just introduced both of these to Colton and he loves them more than the peas and green beans. Our oldest was the same way. He really loved asparagus and still does. We plan to intro egg yolks this weekend. My first born loved them. I really enjoy introducing new foods to my babies. Each time has been an adventure.

  5. Shea Lafferty: I was wondering how you are introducing asparagus? It is on sale right now and I was thinking about giving it to my son. Do you puree it or give it as a finger food?

  6. I was also wondering when and how I should start teaching my son how to use a spoon. He is only 10 months but seems interested, but I like how clean he eats right now. 🙂

  7. Landonsmommy, my little guy is still only 7.5 months, so I steam and puree the asparagus. At 10 months you can steam it soft and offer it in small pieces as finger food, if your guy is doing well with finger food. There are a lot of options at 10 months. You can do broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, spinach, beets, greens, and you can add beans to his diet. If you have not read Super Baby Foods, by Ruth Yaron, I highly recommend it.

  8. Valerie, I have so appreciated your Brinley updates! My second child is the same exact age, and I love having your updates as a reference/guide to where my son is at in the BW process. So helpful! 🙂 I am also interested in how you will respond to Garrett and Denise Stone as I am going through the same issue too!

  9. Just wanted to say that my daughter is the same way. She will take a bottle, but only from me!She is about a week younger than Brinley. She has let my mother-in-law feed her solids twice though with no issue. That allows me to slip out a little easier.

  10. Denise, yes, I would guess the being at your parent's house is the reason and that after a week or so, she will get used to it and sleep better. I would use a sound machine and make the room as dark as possible.

  11. Chelseaann Green,The first thing I would check is her waketime length. How long she is awake might be too long.Also, are you sure she is sleeping for 20 minutes–like you have a video monitor and see she is asleep and then waking? If not, she might be playing quietly for 20 minutes and then getting upset.

  12. Shea Lafferty I am wondering about how you prepared the asparagus, too. I gave some to Brinley and she hated it…

  13. Landonsmommy I am pretty sure I have a post on that so you can see that for more details…but I usually start letting them try some around a year old.

  14. Ah Shea I see you answered. I might try steaming. We had it baked. Steaming would make it softer…but I also hate to steam a bunch and have her hate it because it is my husband's favorite veggie…Maybe I will try giving it to her to chew on after I bake it next time.

  15. Jenna, I always got her up by 7 if she was still asleep. When it was earlier in the evening, it ranged from 30-60 minutes.


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