Brinley Baby Summary: 34 Weeks Old

34 week old baby schedule and routine. Baby schedule for baby’s 34th week. Baby schedule and routine for the thirty-fourth week of life. 33 week old baby routine and daily life. Learn about what to do when baby suddenly won’t eat, dropping baby’s third nap, finger foods, teaching sign language, and independent play at this age.

33 week old Brinley on he rtummy

This is a summary for Brinley’s 34th week. She was 33 weeks old. She was very happy this week!


Supply was good this week.

During this week, for three days in a row, Brinley would not eat for her fourth feeding. I initially fought her to eat it, worried she would be hungry in the night if she didn’t eat.

I also worry about milk supply if she were to skip that fourth feeding and sleep all night. That would be a lot of hours without eating.

But since I have the pump, and since fighting her is not fun, I decided to just let her go to sleep without eating if that is what she wanted. I then pumped after she went to bed.

She slept fine! She didn’t mind. I know some people go to three liquid feedings at this age (though I don’t know if they are breastfeeding), so I thought maybe she would do that.

But after three days in a row of not eating for the fourth feeding at all (not even one sip), she started eating again. I am not sure why she did it, but she did.

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This week, Brinley dropped her third nap. She just dropped it and never looked back.

She is young enough that I thought she would do a weaning process, which is most common. This is when a baby will not nap one day, then need it the next couple of days, then not need it the next….but she just stopped. 

It is so exciting! Oh, how I love just two naps!

I love having evenings totally open and free. She is my youngest baby to drop this nap.

Kaitlyn was 11 months, and I had to force it out of her.

Brayden was about 9 months? Maybe 10? He was easy to drop (his was a story of me re-reading babywise and realizing he likely could be at two naps instead of three and just dropped it one day).

McKenna was 10-11 months? The range tends to be mostly 6-9 months. Maybe 6-10.

Most babies seem to drop it as an 8 month old. There is definitely variation in age from baby to baby.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite milestones. Two naps. 

I will talk more about the impact of dropping this nap on our day and other naps in the next Brinley baby summary (which should go up tomorrow).

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This week, I moved the pack and play into her room to be a permanent feature in her room so she could easily have independent playtime in her room each day.

I took her swing out to make room for the pack and play. It has been at least a month since we have used the swing, so I figured it was safe to retire it. 

Brinley has gained enough balance to sit and play pretty well. She still isn’t perfect, but if she starts to sway, she can usually straighten herself up. Her downfall right now is going for dropped toys.

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I didn’t start any new foods this week. Brinley is getting really good at chewing. She has a very sensitive gag reflux (like, she would gag on the pacifier if I ever tried to give her one…sometimes she would gag on me when she was nursing).

My husband has a very sensitive reaction to his babies gagging ;). I try to tell him about baby-led weaning and the gagging goes on initially with it, along with the foods babies eat with it, but he is just paranoid about the gagging baby 🙂 (just one reason we don’t do BLW here–wonder what that is? See this guest post: baby led weaning). 

She is gagging less and less with her finger foods. I like to give her a banana (I peel it, then run my finger down the middle of it–this splits it into three pieces. Then I break it into small pieces from there. It is less slimy that way and easier for the baby to pick up–did that make sense?).

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Did I ever mention that I do some signing with her? She will sign “all done” back to me and tries to day “all done.” I could probably accurately say her first “word” is “all done.”

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8:30–nurse with solids (fruit, cereal, yogurt)
12:30–nurse with solids (veggie, fruit, cereal)
4:45–nurse with solids (veggie, fruit, cereal, finger foods) 
7:30–feed, then bedtime. In bed by 8:00.



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  1. I wrote this on an old blog post of yours, but I'm not sure how often you check old posts so I'll post my question here too:I am wondering, after using the Foscam and Summer Infant video monitor which one you prefer. I know you got the Summer Infant monitor with McKenna… does it still work? It seems like most reviews I've read say it only lasts for around a year and then problems begin. And is the Foscam holding up well?p.s. I've read your blog since my first daughter was 5 months (we had so many sleep issues with her because I didn't know what I was doing). My 2nd daughter is 2.5 months now, and she is sleeping SO MUCH better thanks to tips from you, The Baby Whisperer, and Babywise, as well as a few friends. I'm amazed at how sleep training from the beginning creates a totally different baby!p.p.s. We're at 4 naps still and I can't wait until it's 3!

  2. I prefer the Foscam. It is better quality (though I don't know how fair that is because Summer could have improved since technology has improved). But Foscam was cheaper, has better quality, and has better functions. I LOVE that I can see it from anywhere with my iPhone. There were early days when my mom would watch her and I would be in town with one of my older kids. I could look and see how she was doing rather than calling constantly. You can also see on your computer monitor. And you can take pictures of your sleeping baby, so when I look and she is in an adorable position, I just snap a photo!Our summer monitor still works. The charge doesn't hold once you unplug it, but I think that might be my fault so I wouldn't blame summer (I didn't unplug and replug it when you should…which I actually find to be annoying that you have to do that). I still use it for McKenna and it just stays plugged in all the time. I would definitely recommend the foscam over the summer.

  3. Oh, and I know what you mean about the baby doing better from birth! We started Brayden later, if you remember, and my girls were all so much easier.

  4. Hi! Sorry to post this question on a random post, but I remember seeing a printable schedule template you were selling for a dollar or two … and now I can't find it. Can you help direct me to it? Thanks!!!

  5. Hi Valerie, thanks for your blog, I have been following along since my son was born, just a couple of weeks before Brinley! I have a question, my son dropped the third nap at about 34 weeks also, he is now 38 weeks, but due to a mild sickness almost a week ago he was very tired all the time and took 3 long naps for a couple of days. Now he is feeling better but is doing 3 shorter naps when I know he is capable of doing 2, but he is wide awake after each of his first two naps and literally bangs his fists against the crib slats til I come in! LOL! Should I try and force him to stay awake in the evening or leave it alone for now? I should mention that he's never slept as much as Brinley in a 24 hr period, currently he sleeps 10 hours at night, and was doing 2 2hr naps and now is doing 2 1 1/2 hr and 1 1hr nap. Thanks in advance.

  6. Val,I wanted to respond about the asparagus talk we were having on a previous post. You can also try using a peeler to peel the stalks to remove some of the stringy texture. Then, steam or boil them and puree and see if Brinley likes them that way. I did not have to peel them for Braxton, but I did for Colton. He has more issues with texture. I currently have to push egg yolks or tofu through a strainer, because he will not eat the thicker chunks. By the way, since your family likes asparagus, it is wonderful just cooked on a broiling pan under the broiler for 5 or 6 min. I just put olive oil and whatever seasoning and cook it that way, It is quick and helps it to retain some of the firmness. I really appreciate your blog, by the way. Such a great way for moms to talk and find information. Thank you

  7. Aleasha S,Yes, scroll up and look on the far right side of the page. Next to the SnuggleU logo, you will see the "Log eBook" with a "Buy Now" Button below it. You can either click on the picture of the log eBook or click the buy now option.

  8. Anna, This is what I would do.One is give him a lovey if he doesn't have one. Something he can occupy himself with and maybe it will get him to fiddle with it, then fall back asleep if he wakes too early.Two is to try to keep him up a bit later each night to get back to skipping the nap if you think he can handle not having that third nap. Just be sure he doesn't really need it because it is possible he is also growth spurting and needs that nap.

  9. Shea! Good idea to peel! I never thought of that before. The way I cook it is in a 400 degree oven for about 10 minutes. It definitely is still firm…maybe that is why Brinley didn't like it, too.


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