Brinley Baby Summary: 52 Weeks Old

Not too difficult of a sickie šŸ™‚ But look–she has rock candy. How can you be upset with rock candy? (she actually didn’t like it)

This is a summary for Brinley’s 52 week; she was 51 weeks old.


This week, we were just nursing in the morning, but she wasn’t happy laying down. 


She wasn’t eating very well for meals this week, either.


Sleeping was normal for the first part, then halfway through the week, she woke in the night. We went to her and rocked her for a while before putting her back in bed where she finished the night out. 


The next morning, I called to get a doctor appointment for her. 

She had started out the week with a low fever (as I mentioned in last week’s post). It is past time for her top teeth to break through, so I figured she had a low fever to go along with it. As the few days passed, however, her fever was climbing, her eating was decreasing, she didn’t want to lay to nurse, and the waking in the night was the final thing that told me something is wrong.

Turns out she had a double ear infection :(. Poor girl. 


This was a week of family reunion activities with my husband’s family. She was in the peak of her sickness through it all and was such a trooper. She was mellow, but pleasant. 


Independent playtime has been going well. This week, it felt like the right time to move her to “room time” instead of “playpen time.” I am able to watch her on the video monitor and she has enjoyed it. This is on the young side for moving to room time, but Kaitlyn was just about the same age. I just move when it seems right. McKenna was quite a bit older–closer to 2. 


8:45–nurse with solids (fruit, cereal, yogurt, finger foods). Independent Playtime happens in this block.

10:30-11:00–nap starts

12:45-1:00–wake up, bottle with solids (veggie, fruit, finger foods)

2:30-3:00–nap starts

5:00–wake up, bottle with solids (veggie, fruit, finger foods) 

7:30–bottle, then bedtime. In bed by 8:00-8:30.