Brinley Pre-Toddler Summary: 12 Months Old {One Year}

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12 month old Brinley

Here it is folks. One year old. This is a summary for Brinley’s 53rd week. She was 52 weeks old. I noticed that for McKenna’s summaries, I moved to every two weeks at this age. I think I will do that, also. They seem to not have as many dramatic changes week to week as they get older.


Done! Done! Done! I don’t really know how to describe how I feel about nursing. I obviously find it important and value it. I have nursed all of my babies for one year. I find it nice and easy–it is always ready.

I also find it slightly confining. I have to be there every time the baby wants to eat. And I honestly get a little weirded out when the baby gets old enough to start playing with my nipples. Just not my idea of a good time. So by the time the baby is one, I am very ready to be done.

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Many people wonder when their pretoddler needs to be done with a bottle. Ideally, you are done at 12 months, but if your little one is not done, do not stress about it. Just work toward dropping a bottle.

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Her appetite was still lower this week from her sickness. It was slowly increasing, but not up to normal. She pretty much didn’t want any purees except for her morning oatmeal and prunes. I started giving her more of what we were eating at family meals.

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Sleep was normal–perhaps even a bit sleepier as she wanted some more sleep as she was recovering from being sick.


Brinley had her birthday this week! Here is what she got for her birthday from us and grandparents:

  • Step2 Big Splash Waterpark (Love it)
  • Sandra Boynton books (we did Happy Hippo/Angry Duck and The Going to Bed Book)
  • BABYBJORN Soft Bib (I like that the pocket stays out to catch food, but the converse side to this is that the bib is more stiff and harder for her to get her arm across her body. Not a huge deal at this age, but a baby a few months younger could possibly not reach the mouth because of it)
  • Baby Doll
  • Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Poppity Pop Muscial Dino (She LOVES this. It is very similar to the Playskool Busy Ball Popper, but the dino is easier for a 12 month old to use. Brinley loves the busy ball popper, but she can’t play with it independently. She can the dino).
  • Britax Boulevard–I threw that in there since I couldn’t think of things she needed! “Needed” I guess this is a real need, but she was getting it anyway 🙂

I don’t do big birthdays at all. I make a cake, we have family over for dinner, presents, and cake. 


She started putting her hands together for prayer this week. It is so cute. She also loves family prayer. We kneel down in a circle each night and pray as a family. When we say “Family prayer!” she zips on over to the spot, gets on her tummy, and puts her hands together for the prayer. 


We went camping during this week. The first night was the roughest night we have ever had with a baby camping. I had to go in and hold her/rock her several times until about 10 PM before she finally went to sleep (not in my arms, but after I rocked her).

She had fallen asleep initially, then we put McKenna to bed and it woke her up when we did. Brinley is a SUPER light sleeper. McKenna is a SUPER deep sleeper, so we have never had a problem with her waking up when we put another child to bed when she is already asleep. 

Brinley did sleep fine after that and slept until 7:30 the next morning. This is earlier than her usual wake up time, but much later than I am used to kids getting up when camping.

The second night, we put McKenna to bed before Brinley since McKenna is the deep sleeper. That worked perfectly. 


Brinley had her well-check visit this week. Everything looked great. She also got her one-year vaccinations. She was not happy with them, but calmed right down with a sucker. Ha! Sticky mess. She didn’t have any sort of reaction to the vaccinations at all.


8:45–nurse with solids (fruit, cereal, yogurt, finger foods). Independent Playtime happens in this block.
10:30-11:00–nap starts
12:45-1:00–wake up, bottle with solids (veggie, fruit, other foods we are eating)
2:30-3:00–nap starts
5:00–wake up, bottle with solids (veggie, fruit, dinner) 
7:30–bottle, then bedtime. In bed by 8:00-8:30.



12 month old pretoddler schedule