Brinley Baby Summary: Week 21

Brinley opening presents Christmas morning

This is a summary for Brinley’s 21st week. She was 20 weeks old. Because of the Christmas blog break, I am bit behind on the Brinley summaries; next week I will do two so we can get caught up.


Nursing continued on–I still take Fenugreek. Most bottles (or all–I don’t know I haven’t read every bottle) say to take it three times a day. I shoot for that, but in all honesty I don’t remember to do it three times a day very often. I do some days (very few) and the remainder of the days are probably split between 1 or 2 doses a day.


This week, we added peas to Brinley’s menu. I wanted to add something to help moving food through the system since she likes bananas so much. She wasn’t constipated, but I believe in prevention.

She was not so fond of peas. Not fond at all. She is my first child to dislike peas. Then she started having runny poop that led to a diaper rash (her first ever). We did have some “runs” going through the family at the time, so I was not sure if she had caught the runs or if the peas would have caused the runs. It is highly unusual to have a negative reaction to peas, but it can happen. So I took her off peas. We will try them again someday. 

4th NAP

This week, the fourth nap was completely gone. We haven’t taken a fourth nap since.


Waketime length extended this week a bit. You can see details in the schedule below.


She started to love to just chew and chew on stuff this week. She bites down the way a child will when teething, but I see no signs of teeth at all. And I hope that she is not going to get teeth for many months to come. I much prefer nursing babies with no teeth 🙂


Our schedule typically looks like this:

7:30–feed with solids


11:30–feed with solids




5:30–feed with solids

7:30–feed, then bedtime