Brinley Pre-Toddler Summary: 16.5 Months Old

16.5 month old pretoddler schedule and routine. 16.5 month old schedule. Pretoddler schedule for baby’s 70-71st weeks. 70-week-old and 71-week-old pretoddler routine and daily life. Learn about pretoddlers playing independently, pretoddler sickness, pretoddler sleep, and teething.

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This is a summary for Brinley from 16.5-17 Months Old


There were no big eating changes during this period that weren’t related to sickness. She ate less when sick, ate a ton immediately after being sick, and ate as normal when she got back to herself.


Playing is good. She loves her independent playtime. Looooves. And I have noticed if she is getting clingy, we do IPT and she comes out not clingy. Such an amazing tool! If you don’t do it, you seriously should. 

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Sleeping is good. When she wakes up from a nap, she has started the blankie game. You know, the game where you throw your blankie out and get upset about it? Brayden tried that game one day. One nap of not having blankie fixed that for him. Not so with Brinley. 

You know how “they” say with the child and the dropping of things that the child will do it for a bit then get over the novelty and quit? Well…remember the food dropping fettish? I swear she has been finding dropping things novel for at least six months! 

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At church, if we don’t pay super close attention, she will pop up and toss something over the pew for the people behind us to get. And she is relentless. You know how people tend to sit in the same spots in church every week? So behind us is a family with just their youngest (16 year old boy) at home. We also have a couple of older couples who have great-grandkids.

Brinley loves to get the 16 year old to get stuff for her. She also loves to work one of the great-grandmas. This lovely woman starts trying to be tough–I can see it on her face. She is going to hold her ground. Then Brinley holds her eye contact and she caves and gives it back to her. If the eye contact doesn’t do it, Brinley starts innocently repeating, “Uh-oh!” and gradually increasing her volume until the item is back in her hands. 

So whoever “they” are, they haven’t met Brinley.

She wasn’t to sure about Santa


Brinley had her first throw up experience. Oh poor girl! It is interesting because Kaitlyn had reflux as a baby, and because of that, her throwing up has never been a “thing.” It was just business as usual. I don’t remember Brayden throwing up until he was a little over two and McKenna I think was even older than that. So it was our first baby experience with an inexperienced baby (she is still a baby okay!). 

She handled it well, but oh the aiming! How do you get a baby to not throw up everywhere?!?!? Unfortunately for my husband (and I guess fortunately for me but I felt really bad at the time), I had the same sickness at the same time.

So I was busy laying in bed holding it down while he tried to get her aim somewhere okay. Her first time, she was on her changing table getting her diaper changed. So that one was okay. She just needed to be washed up and clothes changed, and the changing pad cover needed to be changed. Then she seemed fine.

Then a bit later she suddenly started throwing up in the family room. Oh…dear. So that took some carpet and upholstery cleaning. Luckily for us all, she just had those two times and then was fine.


She had a molar working its way toward pushing through during this period. She actually handled it way better than I thought she would. She has historically had a lot of pain with teething.


8:15–wake up. Eat breakfast (fruit, cereal, and milk)
Get ready. Clean with mom.
10:30 Independent Playtime.
11:30 Play
12:00 Lunch then Play with McKenna.
1:00–Nap starts
4:00-4:30–wake up. Snack. Play.
7:30–Sippy of milk, then bedtime. In bed by 8:00.



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  1. Do you think that only have IPT 3-4 days can still be beneficial for the child? My 11 month old twins go to a sitter 3x a week and I don't think doing IPT there is feasible.

  2. Yay for Brinley summaries! I missed them! That must have been awful to have a baby with the stomach bug. Ugh. I'd be so worried. Question: Does Brinley ever protest her IPT? My daughter does so randomly, and she usually has a small fit somewhere in the middle of it, trying to get out early. I always wait til the timer dings, but it's annoying. Right now she's doing 40 minutes, but I want to increase to 60, but I hate to do that with the fussing she's started doing. Also, do you think it's ok to still do IPT if maybe one day you can only do like 25 or 30 minutes. Will that confuse the baby? Or you think they will be ok the next time when it's the regular time length?

    • I think it is totally fine to do different times if needed. I think doing it for 15 minutes one day is better than zero. Brinley sometimes protests–but in reality when I check on the video camera, she is upset over a toy that isn't cooperating with her. So she will figure it out and chill out. She has very little patience for things not going her way when she is working on soemthing. It is very "male" of her 😉

  3. Hi Valerie! I have been reading your blog ever since my son was born in August 2012. He is right along with Brinley, currently 16.5 months. Up until Thanksgiving time he has been a great sleeper (we have done babywise/baby whisperer since 2 weeks after birth).Schedule:Wake 6:30 milk, BF at grandmas 7:45Nap 9:30-10:3011 milk12 lunchNap 1:30-3Bedtime 7:30At that time he started cutting 3 canines and waking up at 4:30-5 am (and crawled out of his crib once). At first I held him and he went to sleep, then I started saying sleeptime, still nighttime without getting him out of the crib and he would lay back down but not sleep. Usually I would do this every 10 minutes when he would stand up but he always lays back down. Then at 6 I go in and make a big deal about wake up time. We have tried shortening his am nap, going to one nap, early/late bedtime. He has a white noise machine, black out curtains, room at 70. We have tried socks, blankets, loveys. We are very consistent about his bedtime routine and he always goes to bed easily without any problems. When the teeth were coming through I even did a dreamfeed with medications at 3:30 am without any change in his wakeup. I am at a loss because I don't see how I can give him one nap with such an early wake. The days where he takes two naps and seems rested he still wakes early! He has 3 meals a day, two snacks, 4 sippy cups of milk and is at grandma's during the day where she writes everything down for me. These last 2 weeks he has also been pooping regularly at 5:30 after I have told him nighttime once. I have read every one of your nap transition/early waking posts and don;t know what to do!!! If he was just an early riser I could deal with it, but he is still tired when he wakes, and I feel so bad for him! We live in Nebraska and it is too cold for us to even get outside lately in the AM to help with his sleep. Sorry for the long post, just looking for some direction!

  4. Oh, and he also gets a little milk in the afternoon with his snack and at dinner which is 5:30 and often times finishes this sippy at 6:30.

  5. Hi MJ g,I think you are going to have to just keep staying consistent and just leave him in his bed until it is time to get up. If he is having teething pain, he could be waking because of that, so it might be helpful if you can find a way to ease his pain, though whatever you did before bed wouldn't last all through the night. You might want to ask in the Google group if someone has experienced something similar and has a great idea. Good luck!

  6. Thanks Valerie! I came to that same conclusion and also decided to try the sleep buddy light. It has been about 10 days since I started it and he really likes it! It turns on at bedtime and turns off when it is time to get up. He has been waking at 6 and a few times even after this and looks at the light to see if it is on, also last night he wanted to get into bed when he saw it turned on and even gave up the ending of his favorite book to do it! He is down to one nap a day which has helped although it isn't a very long one I think he will get used to it with time. Thanks again, I love your blog and recommend it to many moms!!!

  7. What did you do to help with dropping the blanket out of the crib? My daughter is 12 months old and has a beloved taggies blanket that she uses at naps and bedtime. Lately she either purposefully or accidentally loses it over the side of the crib. I will go in and give it back to her once if it's at the beginning of the nap and once is usually all it takes then because she'll lay down and go to sleep. But I'm unsure what to do if she wakes up before her nap is done and does it. This is more when she purposefully drops it. I've tried going in and giving it back to her, but she will drop it again and as soon as she does she has an absolute fit. Do I leave her to cry and just go get her when it's time or will she associate me going in as a result of her crying and do it for attention?

    • I would not go in when she drops it after her nap. Maybe once, and then tell her "it is still nap time" and then leave, but I wouldn't do it over and over again. That will likely lead to her doing it any time she wants you in there. It should only take a few times at most for her to decide to keep it in the bed with her. Also, you can try to find ways for her to drop things during play time to get over the novelty of it so she is less inclined to do it during nap.


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