Brinley Pre-Toddler Summary: 16.5 Months Old

She wasn’t to sure about Santa

This is a summary for Brinley from 16.5-17 Months Old



There were no big eating changes this period that weren’t related to sickness. She ate less when sick, ate a ton immediately after being sick, and ate as normal when she got back to herself.



Playing is good. She loves her independent playtime. Looooves. And I have noticed if she is getting clingy, we do IPT and she comes out not clingy. Such an amazing tool! If you don’t do it, you seriously should. 



Sleeping is good. When she wakes up from a nap, she has started the blankie game. You know, the game where you throw your blankie out and get upset about it? Brayden tried that game one day. One nap of not having blankie fixed that for him. Not so with Brinley. 


You know how “they” say with the child and the dropping of things that the child will do it for a bit then get over the novelty and quit? Well…remember the food dropping fettish? I swear she has been finding dropping things novel for at least six months! 


At church, if we don’t pay super close attention, she will pop up and toss something over the pew for the people behind us to get. And she is relentless. You know how people tend to sit in the same spots in church every week? So behind us is a family with just their youngest (16 year old boy) at home. We also have a couple of older couples who have great-grandkids. Brinley loves to get the 16 year old to get stuff for her. She also loves to work one of the great-grandmas. This lovely woman starts trying to be tough–I can see it on her face. She is going to hold her ground. Then Brinley holds her eye contact and she caves and gives it back to her. If the eye contact doesn’t do it, Brinley starts innocently repeating, “Uh-oh!” and gradually increasing her volume until the item is back in her hands. 


So whoever “they” are, they haven’t met Brinley.



Brinley had her first throw up experience. Oh poor girl! It is interesting because Kaitlyn had reflux as a baby, and because of that, her throwing up has never been a “thing.” It was just business as usual. I don’t remember Brayden throwing up until he was a little over two and McKenna I think was even older than that. So it was our first baby experience with an inexperienced baby (she is still a baby okay!). 


She handled it well, but oh the aiming! How do you get a baby to not throw up everywhere?!?!? Unfortunately for my husband (and I guess fortunately for me but I felt really bad at the time), I had the same thing at the same time. So I was busy laying in bed holding it down while he tried to get her aim somewhere okay. Her first time, she was on her changing table getting her diaper changed. So that one was okay. She just needed to be washed up and clothes changed, and the changing pad cover needed to be changed. Then she seemed fine.


The a bit later she suddenly started throwing up in the family room. Oh…dear. So that took some carpet and upholstery cleaning. Luckily for us all, she just had those two times and then was fine.



She had a molar working its way toward pushing through during this period. She actually handled it way better than I thought she would.



8:15–wake up. Eat breakfast (fruit, cereal, and milk)

Get ready. Clean with mom.

10:30 Independent Playtime.

11:30 Play

12:00 Lunch.

Play with McKenna.

1:00–Nap starts

4:00-4:30–wake up. Snack. Play.


7:30–Sippy of milk, then bedtime. In bed by 8:00.