Brinley Summary: 40 Weeks Old {9 Months Old}

40 week old baby schedule and routine! 9 month old schedule. Baby schedule for baby’s 40th week. Baby schedule and routine for the fourtieth week of life. 40 week old baby routine and daily life. Learn about juggling baby’s routine with older siblings’ schedules, and getting baby to take a bottle.

This is a summary for Brinley’s 40th week; she was 39 weeks old. Brinley turned 9 months old this week!

I got this idea…this idea that it would be super cute to do a picture with her holding a flower. She isn’t the type of baby that puts everything in her mouth, so I wasn’t so worried about that. Welll…she put this in her mouth! It shouldn’t be surprising. Note to self–fake flowers.


Good and the same.


She took a bottle from her dad this week! That was an exciting step! It was nice because I was able to take Kaitlyn and McKenna to our local civic ballet to see Cinderella. If Brinley wouldn’t do a bottle, I wouldn’t have been able to take them.


This week, I gave her grapes. They were a little bitter, and she was not too impressed. I bought some more later in the week and they were much sweeter and she had more interest in those. I didn’t puree them; I just cut them up and gave them to her.


Sleeping is good and the same.


This week, she started rocking on her knees. She is still doing the walrus crawl, but she gets on her knees sometimes. 


Kaitlyn and McKenna had their dance recital this week. We had to get Brinley up from her afternoon nap about 1.5 hours early for it (she was super confused).

She made it through their dances, but then she got super upset toward the end. In the beginning, she loved it. She loved watching the dancing. Those kind of activities can be hard for babies to get through.

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Brinley had her 9 month well-check visit this week.

She is doing great! She jumped significantly in her height. I figured she had because she seemed so much bigger to me. She grew three inches in three months and jumped about 30-40% on her growth curve.

She also jumped about the same percentage on her head size. Her weight is about the same–I can’t remember if it went up a few percent or down a few percent.

It is common for breastfed babies to thin out at this age–especially if they are crawling or walking. 


8:45–nurse with solids (fruit, cereal, yogurt). Indepenedent Playtime happens in this block.
12:45–nurse with solids (veggie, fruit, cereal)
5:00–nurse with solids (veggie, fruit, cereal, finger foods) 
7:30–feed, then bedtime. In bed by 8:00.



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