Brinley Baby Summary: Week 28

Baby schedule for baby’s 28th week. Baby schedule and routine for the twenty-eighth week of life. 27 week old baby routine and daily life. Learn about tips for getting baby to roll over, introducing yogurt to your baby, getting baby to wake up happy from naps, shifting your morning wake up time later in the morning, and a sample schedule for 6 month olds.

6 Month old Brinley with her sister McKenna


Nursing continues on the same as last week. We stuck to four liquid feedings this week. It went very well.

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Playing was good.

I worked on getting her to roll off her tummy. I found this harder to teach her to do. My husband taught her to put her arm straight and head down and then tried to get her to push to roll over.

It amazed me that she would put her arm straight and head down on her own–babies are so smart! But it was so hard to teach that pushing.

I asked my physical therapist friend (Holla Bree!), and she suggested I get a toy and get her to follow it. I should then take the toy in an arc over her.

Since babies heads are so big and heavy, she should then roll over as she followed the toy. She wouldn’t follow the toy beyond what was comfortable, but if I stood right above her and talked to her, she would look at me and then roll over. She then started rolling like crazy.

If your baby isn’t meeting a milestone you think they should, see if there are simple things you can do to help them get there!


This week, her new solid was yogurt. I used some homemade yogurt my neighbor gave me (I have since learned how to make this and it is so easy! I will do a post with instructions if you are interested).

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She loved it. But on day three of the yogurt, she started to get a raw bottom. Not to the point of diaper rash, but headed in that direction. I decided to stop yogurt in case that was the cause. We will try again in a few weeks. 

I wanted to show off all of my favorites from her six month photo shoot–photos by me


Sleeping went well this week. She started waking up extremely happy this week. Not just pleasant, but oozing with happiness. That is always fun. I love the happy dance babies do when you get them up (interestingly, I am reading a book on boys and emotions and the authors point out that when we can’t express our emotions, they usually come out in physical movement. They brought up how babies emotions are often tied to the way they move their limbs). She also does this loud noise of glee when you get her up.

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She also started sleeping in until 8 AM this week. I have been toying with starting her day at that time when we have the time change (rather than 7:30).

I definitely like our mornings with her waking at 8. For some reason, it is just easier for me to get the older kids all ready for school with her waking at 8 than 7:30. It might just seem less hectic since I am not doing finishing touches so close to time to leave. At any rate, I like it.

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Swaddle weaning continued on the same. I just stuck with what we were doing–one arm out for now.


Her doctor visit went well. She is all healthy and doing well. She reacted well to the vaccinations. I always hate those.


8:00–feed with solids–2-4 T prunes and 2 T of oatmeal mixed in–a few days we did 2 T yogurt here
12:00–feed with solids–4 T of pears OR peaches and 2 T of oatmeal mixed in and 2 T of green beans OR peas with 1 T oatmeal mixed in and some fruit
6:15–solids–half a banana mixed with 2 T oatmeal OR 3-4 T applesauce mixed with 2 T oatmeal and sweet potatoes (1-2 T) OR butternut squash (1-2 T) and some fruit
7:30–feed, then bedtime. In bed by 8:00-8:10



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  1. Thanks Serra and Megan! I think it turned out well for me to photograph her at this age–babies love their mommies so they smile nicely at them 🙂

  2. Valerie, how does she do with eating solids at 6:15 then nursing at 7:30 (fairly close together)? We are getting ready to start solids and I'm trying to learn all I can right now!

  3. We are at 28 weeks now with 5 liquid feedings and 3 solids. Bedtime is between 8 and 8:30 and wakeup has been around 6:00am for a long time. I thought he was starting to change to 7:00a when he slept til then 3 days in a row this week. Then he went back to 6:00 and was up at 5:15 today! Too early for this momma! Suggestions on how to start our day at 7:00? He sleeps through the night and has since10 weeks old.

  4. I would suggest you treat it like a time change. Look at my posts detailing how to shift a schedule for a time change and do the same thing. Another post that would be helpful for you is "early morning feedings before waketime."


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