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Brinley Newborn Summary: Week 4

  Another photo by Serra   EMOTIONS Emotions were the same–up and down, back and forth. I feel like they are easing up, though. It seems like I am my… View Post

Brinley Summary: Week Three

    My friend, Serra, is amazing and took newborn shots of Brinley. I am in love with them all, as usual. She is fabulous. Thank you Serra!    EMOTIONS… View Post

Brinley Newborn Summary: Week Two

Well, you might get tired of hearing things like this, but I can’t believe she is two weeks old already! I am fully enjoying the newborn time right now and… View Post

Brinley Newborn Summary: Week One

  They are back! The newborn summaries! This is a summary of the first week of Brinely’s life.   The Beginning Life started out smoothly for Brinley. She was born,… View Post

Necessary Newborn Items

Necessary Newborn Items. What baby layette items are actually necessary and what are just nice to have. Know which items to put on your baby registry. There are so, so,… View Post

Baby Body Signs: The Nose

    Did you know that a newborn recognizes a mother through smell first? Scientists even say a baby at 27 weeks gestation can sense 120 different smells found in… View Post


Good hearing is very beneficial to the development of language. Baby Body Signs states, “…babies learn to speak…almost effortlessly if all the components of hearing…are in place” (page 78). The ears aren’t… View Post