Moral Training

These posts will guide you through teaching morals to your children. Build your child’s character by instilling strong morals. Learn about teaching about apologies, forgiveness, virtues, gratitude, and speaking with kindess. Find information on teaching about modesty and learning to have respect for others and their property.  Teach about how to have personal responsibility and more!

Quotable Mondays: How To Have Gratitude

Today I wanted to post about gratitude. Since it is Thanksgiving month, rather than highlight one quote, I am going to post several that I like.   It is not… View Post

Importance of Teaching Morals

When parents encounter a problematic behavior with their child, they usually want a quick list of “how-to” so they can quickly fix the behavior. Sometimes those lists can be helpful,… View Post

Quotable Mondays: Jealousy

source   Today’s quote is: Jealousy is when you count someone else’s blessings instead of your own.   I know someone well who really fits this quote well. I want… View Post

Index: Gratitude

Be Thankful for Everything We Do Have Being Thankful for Our Problems Gratitude Our Favorite Attitude… Quotable Mondays: Be Thankful for All Things Quotable Mondays: Gratitude Talking Gratitude Teaching Gratitude

Quotable Mondays: Gratitude

  source   Tis the season. I know Thanksgiving was last week, but we are still in the neighborhood of Thanksgiving so I wanted to get this out there. Today’s quote:   “Gratitude turns… View Post

How to Teach Respect for Personal Property

How to Teach Respect for Personal Property. How to teach children to respect the property of others. We have recently been talking about teaching virtues to children. We talked about… View Post

The Importance of Accepting Personal Responsibility

The Importance of Accepting Personal Responsibility. Why we need to own up to our mistakes, even if they were unintentional. I was recently reading my newspaper’s opinion section when I… View Post