Moral Training

These posts will guide you through teaching morals to your children. Build your child’s character by instilling strong morals. Learn about teaching about apologies, forgiveness, virtues, gratitude, and speaking with kindess. Find information on teaching about modesty and learning to have respect for others and their property.  Teach about how to have personal responsibility and more!

What vs. How of Training Your Child’s Character

What vs. How of Training Your Child’s Character Children are different from each other. Very different. Any of you who have more than one child know that well. And my guess… View Post

Tips for Teaching Morals

image source When teaching children, there are a few tips that can make the process easier for them to understand and therefore easier for you to do. These tips are… View Post

Mistakes with Shaping Influences

 Shepherding a Child’s Heart  talks about six influences that shape a child’s life discussed in chapter two: Structure of Family Life, Family Values, Family Roles, Family Conflict Resolution, Family Response to… View Post

Be Thankful for Everything We Do Have

My friend Mindee pinned this on Pinterest a few weeks back. I keep thinking about this idea of “attitude” and how it impacts our lives. Since I am a mother… View Post

Memorizing Scriptures

    I recently read a talk about the power of memorizing scriptures. There were so many valuable nuggets in it.   “Scriptures are like packets of light that illuminate… View Post

Evaluating and Teaching Context

Our last moral precept discussion from On Becoming Childwise was on teaching Why. That idea spills over in our topic for today: context.   Have you ever given your child… View Post

Teach “Why”

I think a right of passage for life as a parent is when your first child starts to ask “Whyyyyyyyyy?” Or if you are McKenna, “Why ’cause?” For some parents,… View Post