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Parenting tips from the Babywise Mom. 

Making Children Mind…Chores and Allowance

Should you have official “Chores”? What about an allowance? What are the benefits of making things official or not with chore and allowance? I don’t usually like to write about… View Post

Making Children Mind…Show Love

How you can make your children mind by showing them love. How love is a powerful discipline tool. Show your child love and you can have better obedience. In Making Children… View Post

Postpartum Survival Tips for New Moms

28 fantastic tips for moms who have had a baby. Get bathroom tips, nighttime feeding tips, tips for emotional health, tips to get things done, and more! McKenna is now… View Post

Index: Daycare

5 Tips for Using Family as Babysitters Babysitters Baby Whisperer: Daycare Tips Church Nursery/Daycare/Playcenter Daycare/Childcare and Babywise Managing Babywise with Daycare

Why You Need to Be Able to Problem Solve as a Parent

As a parent, you need to learn how to think. You need to learn how to problem solve. You need to understand WHY and not just HOW.  Chapter Five in… View Post

Index: Book Recommendations/Reviews

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Index: Birth Order

The Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are Birth Order: First Borns Birth Order: The Only Child: Birth Order: The Middle Child: Birth Order: The Youngest Child… View Post