Give Thanks! Some Greatest Hits


We will be having a nice break this week as we celebrate Thanksgiving with family. Here are some great hits from 2011 for you to enjoy as you go into a turkey-coma. Click on the photo to be taken to the post. Many of these had images placed with them before I did text on images here, so if you hover over the image, text will pop up telling you what it is all about. 


 How Flexible Can I Be?



 Feeding Times for Solids for Babies



 Timeless Toys for Children




 Boy Will Be Boys


 Weaning From Finger/Thumb Sucking




 Cluster Feeding


 Nighttime Sleep: 9-15 Weeks Old



 Activity Overload



 Working Outside the Home

 Altitude Sickness




 Dressing Problem Solving



 "I Do It Myself!"


 Hair and Scalp Concerns


 Snack Time


 Planning Your Schedule For Multiple Children






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