McKenna Preteen Summary: 10.5 Years Old

10.5 year old girl information. Sample schedule of her day and what is going on in daily life for this tween who was a Babywise baby.

10.5 year old tween girl smiling for the camera

This is a summary for McKenna from 10.25-10.5 years old. 


Eating is great! There is nothing interesting or new to report.


Sleep is good. We get her up for family scriptures at 6:30 each morning. She typically reads with us and then goes back to bed until 7:30. McKenna likes her sleep.

This is such an interesting thing to keep in mind with your little ones. The babies who don’t sleep in are hard, but they make for easier tweens and teens when it is time to get up. Conversely, the babies who will sleep late are great, but then as tweens and teens, they drag in the mornings. 


Summer was a great time for McKenna. She spent a lot of time playing soccer. She definitely enjoyed her days  of sleeping in later in the mornings. She didn’t sleep in way late, but much later than 6:30 AM.


School has been great so far! She is loving her teacher and has great friends at school.


Here are some images from this time period



The activities she participated in during this time are:

  • Soccer
  • Piano
  • Irish Dance Lessons

Irish dance lessons are new. She had a friend who was going to do lessons and asked if McKenna would like to join. McKenna is always down for doing whatever, so she said yes. She has absolutely been loving it! She practices her Irish Dance steps all the time. 

A fun thing with soccer is that she has been doing some goalie training. She was doing so well with her age group that the goalie trainer said she needed to come to the older age group training. She was nervous at first because she is with girls 2-4 years older than she is, but she is loosening up and feeling more comfortable.

A hard thing about the training is there are a couple of 14 year old girls who are not really nice to many people and make unkind comments toward younger people. Nate is watching that closely at upcoming practices. The last thing I want is for them to become physically aggressive toward her, which is something they could do passively in how they shoot on her. I try to stay out of my kids’ battles, but I feel like this is a funnel issue. We have a 10 year old who is skilled enough to be with older girls and older girls who don’t love that and have a reputation for being aggressive and mean. So we are staying involved in this one.

On the plus side, there are also girls who are very kind toward McKenna. Most are. 

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10.5 year old tween schedule pinnable image


Here is her school day schedule right now.

6:30–wake up. Family scriptures. Go back to bed until 7:30. Get ready for school. Practice piano. Personal scripture study.
4:00–home. Homework if there is any. Chores. Free time/time with siblings/independent play, etc.
5:30–dinner. Family time. Activities. 
7:30–get ready for bed. Family scriptures and prayer. Bedtime. 
8:30–lights out. 


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