Brinley Baby Summary: 49 Weeks Old

This is a summary for Brinley’s 49th week; she was 48 weeks old.


It’s the final countdown! I wanted to make something clear based on a question I got. Last time, I told you how she dropped the last feeding. She stopped nursing that feeding, but I still gave her a bottle of milk. As I drop nursings, I always replace with milk (assuming the child will take milk–which McKenna wouldn’t until she was a three year old). 

Good news, no biting this week.

Bad news, Brinley really would not eat for her third feeding. Now, I am at the point I want to drop a feeding a week if she is interested in doing so (which she obviously is), but I think that dropping the 3rd and 4th feedings is a bad idea. So far, she is still nursing for the first two, though, so it is working at this point. I think her reason for dropping this one is being interested in what the family is doing since everyone is home when she is eating this one.


Brinley is starting to refuse purees with anyone other than me. She will eat them for me but no one else. She is starting to show preference for finger foods–or foods in “real” form. 


We had a disruption come up this week; Brinley started to stand in her crib! Here is the crazy thing: I taught her how! I don’t know why. As I did it, I thought, “This is probably dumb of me.” My husband thought I was crazy.

Well, here’s the thing. She is going to learn at some point anyway. The day will come. I guess I was just feeling up for dealing with the disruption. So I taught her. And in the end, it was only an issue before one nap. She quickly figured out how to get down on her own.


She was so, so happy this week! It was so great after our grumpy teething weeks. I was so glad to have my happy girl back.


She is just really expanding her gross motor skills like crazy right now. It is a big focus of hers. 


Brinley loves to be outside and loves to swing. She also loves animals. She loves attention and therefore really likes the elderly. They are the best attention givers in general.


She had another day with Nana this week. This time, my dad was home for the day, too. He took it upon himself to teach her to say, “aahhh!” every time she took a drink. He finds it incredibly amusing. And so she does it. 


8:45–nurse with solids (fruit, cereal, yogurt, finger foods). Independent Playtime happens in this block.

10:30-11:00–nap starts

12:45-1:00–wake up, nurse with solids (veggie, fruit, finger foods)

2:30-3:00–nap starts

5:00–wake up, nurse with solids (veggie, fruit, finger foods) 

7:30–feed, then bedtime. In bed by 8:00-8:30.



I find it amazing how fast a baby can learn and think this is a strong testament to what you can teach a baby if you put some time, effort, and positive reinforcement into the training. She does it when she drinks and whens he sees anyone else drink. She also does it when she wants a drink. AND she did it at a tea party I took my girls to, you know, one where the focus was on learning good manners. Nice Brinley. Thanks, Dad.