McKenna Preschooler Summary


This is a summary for McKenna between the ages of 4 years 7 months and 4 years 8 months of age.



Things are good and normal.



Sleep is also good and normal.


You might remember our room sharing adventures from when we tried to have her and Kaitlyn share rooms when she was a little more than three years old (long story short, she wasn’t a great room sharer). Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we had family here with us so we had McKenna and Kaitlyn together for a night. She did really well! She followed all of the rules and was quiet. It was very good to see!


As far as rest time and naps go, as the year goes on, she needs to nap less. So she will stay awake for rest time instead of sleeping most days.



All is well.



She is doing so well at preschool. There have been some incidents with a difficult child at the preschool. McKenna has been stepping in and getting the child to follow the rules and also to be happy. She takes the child by the hand and guides the child to where she should be. McKenna’s teacher has called me to thank me for having such a wonderful daughter because she has been so great through it all. It is so heart-warming! McKenna is such a sweet girl. 


It is kind of ironic because she is definitely my most difficult child so far as what a parent deals with as a toddler/preschooler. I had worries about how she would act at school. However, she has been so obedient and good and kind. Her teacher says she would love a class full of her. And I am getting extra phone calls about how great she is! 



Oh they have been subdued! We have not had emotional issues at all in the last month. It is interesting that happens the same time she needs less sleep. I wonder if the two are connected?



We left off last time with McKenna refusing to progress in swimming. At the next lesson, we talked her into trying it. Unfortunately, in my husband’s effort to give her a big push, he was so forceful that her goggles came off and she panicked and it led to her being even less interested in progressing. 


We are brainstorming ideas of how to help her. One thing we think is that she physically has gone further than she is mentally ready to handle. She is way further than Brayden or Kaitlyn were at this age just because they didn’t have the lesson experience that she has had. 


We have tried to just continue on with lessons for several months. It hasn’t been a big deal because we pay a private instructor a set amount per hour for all of our kids–so our money is the same whether she has the lesson or not. 


But at this point, we have decided to stop having her do lessons. We will have her swim for fun, but take a lesson break. I am considering putting her in public swim lessons in the spring because she is so competitive. I wonder if she is in a class full of “peers” if she will try harder to pass things off.



Here is her schedule. She has preschool three days a week and church one day a week, so she doesn’t really have consistency from day to day exactly. Here is a school day schedule.


8:00 AM–wake up. Get dressed. Eat breakfast. 

9:00 AM–go to school

12:00 noon–get home. Eat lunch. Free play.

1:30 PM–sibling play with Brinley

2:00 PM–Independent play time

3:00 PM–Rest time

3:30 PM–I check on her. If sleeping, I let her sleep. If not, I let her get up.

4:00 PM–Chores. Then possible computer time or TV time or free play

5:30 PM–Dinner

7:00 PM–Start getting ready for bed

8:00 PM–in bed


On days she is home, we do a nice long bath in the morning and also do learning activities. 









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