Brinley Pre-Toddler Summary: 15.5 Months Old

15.5 month old pretoddler schedule and routine. 15.5 month old schedule. Pretoddler schedule for baby’s 66-67th weeks. 66-week-old and 67-week-old pretoddler routine and daily life. Learn about how to handle your child throwing food off the high chair, handling your pretoddler touching things they shouldn’t, the time change with a pretoddler, and more!

15.5 month old Brinley with her dad

This is a summary for Brinley from 15-15.5 months old.


Eating is the same. You might remember in the past we have had issues of her throwing food on the floor. This has continued to slowly improve. She mostly does it when she is done eating and we don’t respond to her signing “all done.”

She then starts throwing food on the floor because she knows she will get noticed. This is a struggle with a fourth child–we are often distracted with other children! Children do what they know works. But each time we remind her the correct way to get our attention and require her to ask the right way. She is getting better with time. 

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Playing is good. She loves her independent playtime. Sometimes it can even get her out of a grumpy funk. Maybe she just needs some time alone sometimes 🙂

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We continued with one nap a day during this period. We continued on with every other day, but then moved to one nap a day every day (except Sunday) by the end of this period. 


I had some Thanksgiving decorations out that Brinley LOVED. They were little Styrofoam balls that looked like little berries that went with a cornucopia. It was right at her level for playing with.

Oooh boy.

She loved to pull them apart. Those things lasted through three other children and I was not about to let her destroy them. But it was a battle. She definitely has some tenacity in her. She gets worse when she is bored or tired, as I am sure every child does.

Those berries survived, but not without lots of intervention. I am wondering how the Christmas tree experience will be…I imagine by the end of December she will be much better at obeying my voice.


Brinley does not walk. She has walked, but it is not her preferred mode of transportation. She mostly walks on her knees these days–not crawling, just walking on her knees. I am not sure why she won’t walk since she can. I don’t know if she feels nervous at all or if she wants to hold on to “baby” for a while longer. I don’t mind so much–she can’t move as fast on her knees or even crawling as she will get once she starts walking.


Another new tooth during this period! Brinley always gets a bright red cheek right before a new tooth comes through.


The time change was during this period. It went really well. We couldn’t do much prep beforehand because of older kids and driving to school. We took about a week to move morning waketime to where I wanted it to be, but I wanted her waking earlier than she had been.

The hardest part for her was adjusting to nap time. We took about the full two weeks to get nap moved to the right time.


Brinley got her first encounter with snow. She wasn’t so keen on it. She absolutely loves the outdoors and I knew winter would be a hard time for her. We get a lot of snow and it is hard for a child that age to move around in snow with proper attire on. She does not like being cooped up in the house–she likes to wander in the outdoors.


8:15–wake up. Eat breakfast (fruit, cereal, and milk)
Get ready. Clean with mom
10:30 Independent Playtime
11:30 Play
12:00 Lunch
Play with McKenna
1:00–Nap starts
4:00-4:30–wake up. Snack. Play
7:30–Sippy of milk, then bedtime. In bed by 8:00
But during this period, nap was shifting between noon and 1



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  1. Do your older ones ride the bus to and from school? I noticed Brinley's nap ends around 4pm. My son started all day kindergarten this year, and so my 2 year old's nap is now from 12-2:45ish, so I can leave to go pick up my son at 3:05. It's important to me to drive him to and from; but I do wish she could sleep until she woke up. So far it hasn't affected her sleeping pattern (she gets along well with a little less sleep), but the times when she does need extra it is a little annoying.

  2. My Ben (14.5 months) sounds so much like Brinley. I love keeping up with your updates on her. Ben throws food and it drives us NUTS. We work on it every day, 3x a day. 🙂 Ben is also capable of walking but chooses not to do it…and I don't mind so much except it would be nice when we go outside if he could walk around instead of me carrying him or him getting his knees all wet and dirty. This week we also transitioned to one nap, although we are still starting around 12:30 and going until 2:30 to 3:00 with an earlier bedtime of 6:45 to 7:15.

  3. This is a completely random post to ask my question on, but I was reading about your adorable toddler. She sounds lovely. Anyways, my question is this. I somewhat followed babywise with my first son. We did the eat wake sleep and I fed him on a loose schedule. However I couldn't bear to let him cry those first few months. Letting a newborn cry just isnt my thing.We sleep trained at almost 4 month. He was already sleeping 8 hours before and after that did 12. Naps took a lot longer to get better. Now I am on baby number 2. He is 7 weeks old and again we are following parts of babywise. He is doing great at night. Only waking once in the early morning to eat. Dueing the day he is eating about every 2 1/2 hours. His naps are always short. No longer than 30 to 50 minutes. I've read all your short nap post and am troubleshooting but so far…no luck. My question is how do you stay on a babywise schedule when they will nap so short. I know with your son you said you fed him whenever he woke up. Was he on any sort of schedule beyond that?

  4. Angela, I take them to school but they ride the bus home. Do you have a neighbor you could carpool with? You could take and they could pick up?


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