Optimal Waketime Lengths for Toddlers 12-24 Months Old

Find the best amount of time your toddler should be awake between naps. This is important to getting great naps down for your toddler.

How long a toddler should be awake

It isn’t only babies who need their waketime length correct. It is also toddlers.

A toddler who is up too long can get grumpy and stay awake through the entire nap time, which leads to a less-than-fun evening.

A toddler who is not awake long enough before nap time can stay awake through the entire nap…which again leads to a rough evening.

If you want your toddler to nap well, you need waketime length correct.

Caring about naps and night sleep doesn’t go away when your baby leaves “baby” and moves to “toddler” (and won’t go away after that, either!).

When I recently posted a helpful graphic on Optimal Waketimes for 0-12 Months, many of you asked for one for the toddlers, too. So here you go!

I love to know what you want and need, so please always give that feedback.

You can view this graphic on this blog–you can bookmark the page or Pin the image. You can also view it on my Drive. I have added it to my Chronicles Book of Logs. When you purchase that ebook, you will have it included.

How long a toddler should be awake infographic

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