One week or less

  76 (61%)


2-3 weeks

  21 (16%)


4 weeks

  4 (3%)


5-6 weeks

  2 (1%)


6-7 weeks

  1 (0%)

8 weeks

  6 (4%)


9 weeks or longer

  14 (11%)


Votes so far: 124


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9 thoughts on “Poll Results: IF YOU DID CIO, FOR HOW LONG DID THE PROCESS LAST?”

  1. Interesting that most people only did CIO for 1 wk or less – wow! I had to put 9 weeks or more which sounds bad, but my DD cried at the start of most naps for a long time. It wasn't hard core crying test of wills thing, but still she cried it out and I hushed, patted, whatever when I needed to. For me CIO was a long process of her learning to get to/back to sleep on her own – I can't even fathom it taking only a week! Oh well, every baby is different.

  2. With my baby (now 10 mths; 3rd child), I have done CIO since the beginning. She sometimes cries and sometimes doesn't. From early on, sometimes she would just coo herself to sleep, sometimes she would have to cry. I didn't go the recommended time with this baby (I think it's 15 minutes or longer before picking them up and soothing them, then putting them back to bed and letting them continue the CIO?) With her I let her do CIO for 5 minutes at a time before comforting her and then returning her to the bed to finish crying if she needed to. Usually I only have had to do this a couple of times before she falls asleep. Rarely does it go on for up to a half hour. A lot of it depends on the sound of her cry also. Now that she's a little older I usually don't go in to comfort her if she's just wimpering.

  3. My little guy is 3 weeks old today. During the day, he cries for maybe 5 mintues before naps, which is great! The trouble is during the night feedings. He usually eats sometime between 1:30-2 am and then again around 5 am. After these two feedings, he cries for about 30-45 minutes off and on. He'll cry for like 10 minutes then stop, and then 20 minutes later he'll cry for another 10 minutes. Whenever I go in to resettle him, he'll usually burp once eventhough I burped him for his feedings. I don't know if he's burping b/c of all the air he takes in during the crying spell. Anyway, sorry for the long post, but is crying after the nighttime feedings common, and what suggestions do you have?! Thanks!!

  4. Kristin, for us it was a longer process also. I think for some people, it might be a difference in definition of CIO.

  5. Helen, it isn't very common to cry in the night but not day. I would guess he has days/nights confused. See posts on that for more. Check the newborn blog index. Good luck!

  6. My baby was sleeping fine up until 6weeks… After that he has the hardest time STAYING asleep. He is now 9 weeks and I don't know what to do. Do I leave him to cry for the remainder of his nap checking in on him ever few minutes? He goes down fine (sometimes cries sometimes doesn't but never cries longer than 10min). Help please!!!!

  7. I've been reading about. CIO-our 7 week daughter is extremely fussy from 6pm-10 bcs of gas. We get her pretty drowsy but she wakes right when she is laid flat because she starts farting or trying to push through gas. According to the blog, you say be cautious of gas-What us your recommendation for gassy/fussy babies-should we wait to begin CIO?When would you recommend moving an infant out of bassinet/our room into nursery/crib for a gassy/fussy baby.Thank you!


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