Poll Results: What age did you introduce solids?



4-5 Months: 55 votes (32%)
5-6 Months: 73 votes (43%)
6-7 Months: 26 votes (15%)
7-8 Months: 5 votes (2%)
8-9 Months: 3 votes (1%)
9-12 Months: 3 votes (1%)
12 Months or older: 3 votes (1%)

Total of 168 votes

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6 thoughts on “Poll Results: What age did you introduce solids?”

  1. My daughter is 8 months and has gradually weaned herself/needed more milk. So, we are now formula feeding. Do you know how many ounces they need to intake in a day?Also, since I have begun formula, her little belly must feel much fuller than before b/c she is protesting her solids. I make my own baby food and while I was still nursing she would eat five or six “cubes” at each meal after her milk. Now, it’s like pulling teeth to get two cubes down her. She just isn’t interested and gets upset when I begin trying to feed her solids. Any suggestions?

  2. Heather- I think we have the same child! About every question you pose to Val, I second! Thank you for this one, I am in the same boat right now.Thanks again Val!Megan

  3. Maybe the kids are teething? I found with my DD that whenever her solid eating would go off and she turned towards more liquid, a tooth would pop up in the next week or so. She’s now 21 months and the same thing still happens with those final back molars.OR if they have alot of teeth, I found more DD needed more substance so i switched to baby pasta and not so mushy food – more texture and work for her teeth to do but go slowly and give tiny bitefuls if you do this.

  4. For the past few weeks my daughter hasn’t really been taking her 3rd nap. She’s 5 months old now. I’ve changed the times I lay her down and it’s always the same thing 30-50 minutes. I’ve tried letting her cry until it’s been an hour total but she’s never fallen back asleep. Her 1st 2 naps are good. She sleeps 2 hours in the morning and 4 out of 7 days I have to wake her.(do you think I should let her sleep a little longer for this nap since I’m usually waking her?)She sleeps 1.5-2hrs for her second nap.Do you think at her age it’s okay just to have a catnap for the 3rd one since the first two are long? If I lay her down early she falls right asleep but then has such a long waketime before bed. Should I lay her down later? Thanks!

  5. It is for sure okay for her third nap to be short. I wouldn’t worry about that.If she can’t make it between that nap and bed, though, then I would possibly let her first feeding interval be longer so she takes a longer morning nap. Then just shift everything back accordingly, except for bedtime.

  6. Heather and Megan,KB has listed some good things to consider (thanks!). As far as number of ounces of formula, I don’t know since I breastfed. My guess, and this is only a guess, is you want about 24-30 ounces a day. I would suggest super baby food–though there apparently are some weird things about it. See this post:Book Recommendation: Super Baby Food : http://babywisemom.blogspot.com/2008/03/book-recommendation-super-baby-food.html For the protesting of solids, I would have a couple of theories. One is that you are giving too much formula. Since you just introduced formula and don’t know her optimal amount, I would recommend you make a bottle of about 4 ounces. Feed it to her. Then feed her solids. Then make about 4 more ounces and see what she takes. When I weaned Kaitlyn from breastfeeding, I went to formula at first because I knew she already liked it. Each week when I dropped a feeding, I would make 4 ounces at first and see how quickly she drank it and what she was like when she was done. If she seemed satisfied when she was done, I figured that was how much she usually drank at that feeding. Sometimes she wanted more. Sometimes less. There is trial and error involved.Another possibility is that your baby wants to start eating more real food. Kaitlyn never really liked baby food, but loved real food. You are lucky to have a baby that age at this time of year when so much is in season. I would start increasing your finger foods and see if that is what she wants. Add variety. There are a lot of great fruits available right now. I started cheese around 9 months, also.


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