Brinley Preteen Summary: 11.5 Years Old

Daily life and schedule for an 11.5-year-old tween who was raised on Babywise. See her daily life, the activities she is involved in, and her daily routine.

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This is a summary for Brinley from 11.25 to 11.5 years old.


Sleep is great! She is at an age where we naturally let our kids start to have more of a say over their bedtime. They do not get full control, but if they are going to bed at a reasonable time and waking up without a struggle, we more or less allow them to manage what time they go to bed.

There are absolutely times we have to tell her she needs to go to bed. She has different times she needs to wake up each day (some days she has orchestra, one she has piano, one is church, some are regular school days, and one is Saturday). So she is still learning to gauge appropriately the best time to go to bed depending on what she has the next day.


School is still great! She is enjoying school and has no complaints.


Soccer has been pretty quiet. It is the off season. They do have a tournament coming up. They practice once a week, but it is not very intense. That is a nice thing for her to have a little bit of a break.


Orchestra is good! I have asked her if she thinks she will continue orchestra in middle school and she is not sure. Orchestra takes up most electives in middle school, so she isn’t sure she wants to commit that much time to it (and sacrifices other things she has a potential interest in, like art or choir). She had an orchestra concert during this time and had fun with that. She plays viola and there aren’t very many kids who play that.


Piano is good. Brinley is creative and she really gravitates to the creative side of the piano. She loves to experiment with chords, writing songs, and playing songs without music. So a challenge for her is giving the time necessary to the fundamentals during her practice time.


Something fun she is doing right now is the school musical! It is Peter Pan and she is Peter Pan! That has been fun.


Brinley had a major haircut toward the end of this time period. She got more off than we intended. She needed it shorter for being Peter Pan. Her hair grows so fast that it is just worth making that easier. Her hair also gets snarly easily. So we wanted it shorter so it is easier for her to manage on her own.

She is not happy about it being so short, but she can take care of it completely on her own, so that is nice.


Here is a typical daily schedule.

7:00 AM – wake up and get ready for school.
8-9 AM – at school. The time varies depending on if it is an orchestra day or not.
4:00 PM – home. Piano practice. Chores. Activities. Play.
5:30 PM – dinner. Then free time and technology time.
8:00 PM – get ready for bed. She used to always shower in the morning, but she is starting to like to shower in the evening instead.
8:30-9:00 PM – bedtime.


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