Reader Nap Questions for Babies

Here are questions readers have had about nap time for baby.

Falling Asleep Problems

Hamilton’s Blog said…

I just have to say a big Thank you to your blog. It has really helped me try and get this program implemented with our 10 week son Benton.
The problem that I am having this week (2nd week of doing this program) is that he DOES NOT “go down” for naps. Meaning that he will scream for over 45 minutes for at least 4 of his naps a day. I go in and try to put my hands on his belly and tell him it is ok, sometimes i even pick him up, but it seems to only make it worse. How long is too long for him to scream and when do i give up and just get him up for the next 3 hour schedule? He just seems SO upset with all of this.
This morning, i had company over so, i put him in his swing to say my goodbye’s and he was OUT when i came back to get him out to put him in his crib. Should I have left him there to sleep for his nap? Because now he is just yelling from his crib from the moment I put him in it. We have not used the swing because of trying to get him to self-soothe for the past two weeks either.
I am at a loss. Will you please offer some advice to this weary mom of trying to become “babywise” because I am really frustrated.
Good new is that he does sleep about 7 hours now at night, but that means I am up rocking him around 4:30 to get him to sleep a little longer…at least until 6:00. He was only sleeping around 4 hours or so.
HELP…ok….i will stop. PLease if you have any time, i would greatly appricate your expertise in this training.
Thanks so much!
Jennie in Indiana
p.s. I don’t know much about blogs and trying to find myself aroudn them…so if you need to e-mail me directly…my home e-mail is [email protected] Thanks again for any advice and time you give to this! 🙂

Plowmanators said…

Part of it is going to be you figuring him out. See these posts for help:

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I would have left him in his swing once he fell asleep in it. Keep working at it! You will get it.