Building Character

Fake it till you make it “We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day.” (Elder Richard G. Scott) What do you… View Post

Parental Influence Stands Supreme {Bloom Where You are Planted}

I think we have all heard the phrase “Bloom Where You are Planted.” We tell ourselves and our friends that when we/they are living in difficult circumstances. But despite the… View Post

More is Caught Than Taught

source By the time your child is a pre-toddler (ages 12-18 months), you have no doubt noticed that your child is a little mimic. Your child will start to do… View Post

The Importance of Accepting Personal Responsibility

The Importance of Accepting Personal Responsibility. Why we need to own up to our mistakes, even if they were unintentional. I was recently reading my newspaper’s opinion section when I… View Post

Teaching Virtue and the Importance of YOU

Childwise Principle #8 is: “To teach a virtue, one example (you) is better than a thousand lectures” ( On Becoming Childwise , page 92). Parental example is vitally important in teaching… View Post

Pre-Toddlers and Emotions

Emotional responses are a complex thing–even adults often can’t explain why they “feel” a certain way. On Becoming Pre-Toddlerwise has two great ideas for helping parents encourage happy emotions while… View Post

It Starts With You

Last week, we talked about the moral precept of teaching what is right, not just what is wrong. I talked about sharing examples with your children when correcting of family… View Post