Building Character

Fake it till you make it “We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day.” (Elder Richard G. Scott) What do you… View Post

Teaching Children to Care for Possessions

Children can indeed be hard on their things. Some are naturally very careful and take good care of their things while others are naturally very hard on things. I submit,… View Post

How to Teach Respect for Personal Property

How to Teach Respect for Personal Property. How to teach children to respect the property of others. We have recently been talking about teaching virtues to children. We talked about… View Post

What vs. How of Training Your Child’s Character

What vs. How of Training Your Child’s Character Children are different from each other. Very different. Any of you who have more than one child know that well. And my guess… View Post

Other People Count

image source Childwise Principle #6 in On Becoming Childwise is “Other People Count” (page 70). That is pretty straight forward, right? Other people have feelings, other people’s feelings matter, and how we… View Post

Teaching Charity

image source This is the big one. Charity is pure love–specifically the pure love of Christ. It is having pure love, concern, and compassion for everyone. Charity is something that… View Post

Character: The First Principle of Childwise

How to teach children to have character. Tips from the book On Becoming Childwise to help you develop character in your child and why you should care about character training. … View Post