McKenna Newborn Summary: Week Two

Week two has continued on smoothly with little or no incident. Here are some updates on our second week of life. GAS I decided I didn’t want McKenna to have… View Post

McKenna Newborn Summary: Week One

I thought it would be interesting, and hopefully helpful, for me to summarize life each week. I will do this until it doesn’t seem worth it anymore :). These first… View Post

Best Toys for Baby: Ages 0-3 Months

I had a request for a series of favorite toys for each age range of baby. I can share my ideas and then you all can share yours. o-3 months… View Post

Best Art Supplies for Kids

Best Art Supplies for Kids. Great art supplies children will love and use. Crayons, paint, play doh, and other great ideas. I don’t consider myself to be artistic. I sew, scrapbook,… View Post

Learning Triangle for Babies

Learning Triangle for Babies. Know what your baby is capable of focusing on and learning developmentally so you don’t overwhelm baby. Tracy Hogg has a rule for what you give… View Post

Structured Playtime

There is some confusion as the the distinction between each of the playtimes described in the -wise series. This article discusses Structured Playtime. Structured playtime as defined in On Becoming… View Post

How To Use Free Playtime In Your Child’s Schedule

How To Use Free Playtime In Your Child’s Schedule. What free playtime looks like by age and examples of how to use it in real life. I use free playtime… View Post