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4 thoughts on “Waking Early Index”

  1. I have a question about my 6 week old. She has been a very sleepy newborn and just finished her 6 week growth spurt. (or so i think) She has always napped the best for her first nap. I feed her and put her right down, even if the feeding/diaper change is only about 20 minutes. Up until the growth spurt she would already be asleep by the time I took her to her bed. Now she is more alert. The last few days she isn't napping well for this nap. She wakes up after an hour or so, and I move her to the swing to finish the nap. My question is: Why is she waking early all of a sudden? I looked back at all my notes to see if anything has changed, but her awake time has stayed the same, around 30 minutes. She puts herself to sleep, so I don't think she has a problem with that. Her temperature is the same, I used three of the four S's. Do you think she needs more awake time? Or that she is still needing to eat more often and the growth spurt really isn't over? Its lasted over a week, and I've been careful to feed her when she is hungry. The reason I think its over is that she is sleeping a lot more at night, pooping more regularly, and when I put her in the swing she goes back to sleep. I would think that if she was hungry, she wouldn't go to sleep in the swing. So what should I do?Help!

  2. I would say she is ready for a longer waketime. She also might need a little bit more stimulation while awake.

  3. My 9 week old only naps for about 0-45 minutes and then spends the rest of that nap crying ( he has yet to go back to sleep in his own). I am so tired of hearing him cry (he also has a bit of reflux and will spit up a lot in the afternoon/early evening) and I feel so conflicted about letting him cry because I wonder if he is in pain. This also goes against everything I've done with my first two children. I will admit that we have not been the most consistent about just leaving him to cry for the later part of his naps after he has woken up during the evening and on the weekends when Daddy is home. Maybe we're just not on the same page about what we're trying to accomplish with napping.How long does it take for babies to learn to go back to sleep when they are just left to cry? I need some encouragement and direction. Thanks!!TR

  4. Our little boy is 19 weeks. He was 9.30pm-7am consistently. And was ready to drop df. But after major reflux, allergies, growth spurt and wonder week we are in a mess. We have started to form a pattern but need help with consistent start and ends of day. He swapped from bf to dairy free formula. So he will only feed every 4 hours. He will only sleep 2x2hrs and 1×45. He wakes now at 5.30am and talks. Tried feeding at 5.30am but didnt eat at 7am. Hes not truly. We feed him now at 6.30am but hes been awake an hr already. So is sleeping and waking way before next feed. All day is out. Bedtime is now too early. He wont drop to 3hrs but we re in a mess.5.30 wake. 6.30 rice and milk7.50-9.50 nap10/10.30 milk11.45-1.45 nap3.30-4.15 ish cat napEither 5.00pm milk, cat nap 7.00 milk and solids. BedOr 6.00 milk and solids. Bed.10.30pm dream feed.Ive ready every post related to all this but still confused. Help!


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