What was the average length of naps for baby ages 7-9 weeks? (approximate)



45 minutes or less: 21 votes (17%)
1 hour: 16 votes (13%)
1 hour 15 minutes: 11 votes (9%)
1.5 hours: 27 votes (22%)
1 hour 45 minutes: 18 votes (14%)
2 hours: 21 votes (17%)
More than 2 hours: 7 votes (5%)

Total of 121 votes

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14 thoughts on “What was the average length of naps for baby ages 7-9 weeks? (approximate)”

  1. I feel like I’m doing everything wrong. Please help! 🙁 My daughter is now 5.5 months old and is still on a 2.5-3hr. schedule. She was sleeping through the night until about 4months. Then all of a sudden she started waking up at night. The ONLY thing that calms her down is her pacifier. Top that off with the fact that she was just diagnosed with plagiocephaly and is in her first day of wearing her DOC Band (helmet). I am a mess. There is no such thing as a schedule anymore and I’m so discouraged,I just dont know how to get back on track. I’m struggling most with CIO and worrying about the new adjustment to the helmet. HELP! I feel like a big fat failure! I want my Babywise sanity back! What am I doing wrong?

  2. hello ,thankyou for posting all these wonderful blogs. I learnt a lot from these posts. 1. I have learnt that Kaitlyn didnt get teeth until 10 months. when she got her first tooth? and what were exactly symtoms just before tooth coming and how long it took to come out for ur daughter?2. It might sound strange but I want to ask as first time mom, when u had urs first baby or other first time moms on this website, did they ever wonder why their baby is doing strange things. Since I read about autism , I am scared and noting every act of my baby I also went to doctor , she said baby is fine . Now she is 8.5 months old. Babies do bang heads, they love to play alone etc etc. thanx

  3. Grewe Crew, You aren’t doing anything wrong. I am sure the helmet contributes to her sleep not being as good. I can’t imagine sleeping well with a helmet–I don’s sleep well without my certain pillow! 😉 Also, four months can be a tricky time. See this page:http://babywisemom.blogspot.com/search/label/4%20month%20sleep%20problems

  4. 1. Kaitlyn really didn’t have teething symptoms. She was pretty easy about things. It seemed she teethed forever. You can see the gums get white with pressure, then a little hole appears, followed by a tooth. Kaitlyn had white pressure for months with some teeth. Brayden only had it for a day or two before showing up. See this page for more: http://babywisemom.blogspot.com/search/label/teething2. As far as worrying goes, it is normal to worry. That is what moms do 🙂 I personally don’t worry about autism, but I was convinced Kaitlyn was going to die at any moment for absolutely no reason for her first couple of months. You will worry often 🙂

  5. My son is 7 weeks old. He is on a 2.5/3 hour combo schedule. His optimal wake time is 40-60 minutes in length. He currently only naps for 40-60 minutes. If he is only awake for 40-60 min then he should be napping for 1.5-2 hours. What am I doing wrong? He wakes from his naps crying. I will let him cry, but he usually cries for longer than 20 minutes, which indicates to me it is hunger (because I use CIO other times and he usually only cries 10-15 minutes if he is not hungry). I breast feed and give him a full feeding because he seems content after the feedings. He is gaining weight well so I am not concerned about my milk supply or him not getting enough to eat. Any suggestions on how to get him to nap longer? Could my son be a short napper? Or is this the 45 minute intruder?

  6. My son will be 10 weeks old tomorrow and he is somtimes having a hard time napping. There are 2 parts to my question. First, he is on a 3 hour schedule and it seems to be working fine as far as feeding. However, his awake time is only about 1 hour. So that means he sleeps for 2 hours before his next feeding. I know BW says that anpes should be about 1.5 hours on a 3 hour schedule. Are his 2 hour naps too long? Should I try to force him to stay awake longer? I feel like he will jsut get fussy if I do. He also is not sleeping through the ngiht yet. He only wakes up once per ngiht b/t 10:30pm and 7:00am. Do you think his long naps could be contributing to not sleeping through the night?Second, my son seems to be a very light sleeper during thsoe transitions between sleep phases. About 45 minutes into each nap, he starts talking some and making noise. Sometimes he can get himself back to sleep. Other times he cannot. Do you think this could be related to the fact that his naps are too long (as mentioned above). Is there anything else i can do to help him get back to sleep through these transitions?Thanks for your blog. It is so helpful.

  7. Susanne, Could be the 45 minute intruder. There is a growth spurt at 6 weeks, so that could be it. See the blog label “45 minute intruder” for more ideas on solving that problem. Also see the blog “growth spurts”. Blog labels are on the left side of the screen on each page.

  8. Ashley–no. Naps should be 1.5-2 hours (for younger babies the nap might only be 1 hour). See this post:Sleep Begets Sleep : http://babywisemom.blogspot.com/2008/08/sleep-begets-sleep.htmlandNighttime Sleep Issues: http://babywisemom.blogspot.com/2008/01/nightime-sleep-issues.htmlFor the tranisitions, it just takes time for them to learn to sleep through them. It is a normal part of the process.

  9. From all the poll results, it looks like my baby sleeping only 30-40 minutes at 7 weeks is pretty normal (thought it was a growth spurt, but she's not hungry when I try to feed her after only 1.5-2 hours), and that she'll get the hang of it eventually. But I need practical advice about what to do when she does wake up.She wakes up crying, but I don't want to go in immediately. I have a 2 year old to take care of, and can't be always in the baby room. So, I'd like to start CIO, but can't for another week or so until our schedule of activities dies down enough to stay consistent.She doesn't care for the swing, so I can't just put her in that. I could try letting her cry and just going in every 5-10-or 15 minutes, but that usually means she'll end up crying for a solid hour or so.I suppose I could just get her up and see if she'll play. At this point, I'm more focused on getting her metabolism settled than her naps.What do you think?Some other advice I need in terms of troubleshooting: let's say I cut her wake time back 15 minutes. Does it only take ONE nap to figure out if that's the problem? B/c I've been trying to cut back wake time for 2 days with no results. Is that long enough to determine, yeah, it's probably not that she's awake too long? So if it's not fixed after one nap, is that my answer?

  10. Stanselmdoc, I think getting her up to play is a good option for stabelizing metabolism.Cutting waketime, a lot of times you get it in one nap, but sometimes it takes a few days. I would give it a few days before trying something new.

  11. My 6 week old will only sleep for 35-40min and then wakes up crying. If I pick her up she'll fall back asleep, others she cries and cries and can't seem to calm herself down. She is swaddled. Is this the transition period? How do I know? Any suggestions?

  12. Krista, it could be a growth spurt. It could also be just her learning how to sleep. I would make sure it is not a growth spurt, and if not, be sure to see my "newborn sleep heirarchy" post.


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