Brinley Preteen Summary: 11.25 Years Old

Daily life and schedule for an 11.25-year-old tween who was raised on Babywise. See her daily life, the activities she is involved in, and her daily routine.

Brinley after she was the first place girl in a race

This is a summary for Brinley from 11-11.25 years old.


Sleeping is really good! She has no issues or difficulties with sleep. Last school year, she struggled to wake up with her alarm clock. This is her last year of elementary school. Next year, she will have to get up earlier.

Because of that, I had a goal for her to be able to wake up with an alarm. I told her that. I am happy to report that she is waking to her alarm!


School is going well! She loves her teacher and enjoys her class. She is participating in the gifted and talented program again this year.

Brinley had a race at school this fall. She raced against all of the 6th graders. She placed 4th overall and was the 1st place girl. It was her, then 20ish more boys, then the next girl. She really likes to run and does it pretty effortlessly.


Brinley has always been an emotional person. She feels big. She shows a lot of love and can also feel a lot of hurt.

She has worked hard to learn to manage her emotions so she has control over her outward reactions. Growing into “tween” years, the emotions increase and intensify.

There is a balance in feeling the emotions you have and not burying or stifling them but also not letting them control you and your actions. I always teach my kids that you still have to be kind toward others even if you feel upset, are sick, or are in pain.

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Brinley had a good soccer season! She grew a lot and played really well.


Brinley is doing orchestra again this year and is still playing the viola. She has a lot of fun with that. A lot of her friends are in the orchestra.


She is also still playing the piano. She enjoys it more and more as she gets better at playing. She often goes to the piano when she is bored. It is a big turning point to do that!


Here is a list of chores Brinley does each week:

  • Feed and water cats
  • Clean one bathroom
  • Empty all garbages in the house
  • Clean bedroom
  • Fold a load of laundry (she has expressed interest in doing her own laundry)
  • Clean the den completely (pick up, dust, clean floor)


Here is a typical school day schedule:

7:00 AM – wake up and get ready for school.
8-9 AM – at school. The time varies depending on if it is an orchestra day or not.
4:00 PM – home. Piano practice. Chores. Activities. Play.
5:30 PM – dinner. Then free time and technology time.
8:00 PM – get ready for bed. She used to always shower in the morning, but she is starting to like to shower in the evening instead.
8:30 PM – bedtime.


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