Brayden Teen Summary: 15.5 Years Old

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15 and a half year old teen boy

This is a summary for Brayden from 15.25-15.5 years old.


All is good here! Brayden is incredibly contentious about what he eats. He does not overindulge and rarely eats to the point of being really full. He looks at labels. Every so often, he goes on a sugar-fast. He just really tries to be very healthy with his food.


Sleep is good! He is still an early riser and he is good to make sure he gets to bed at a good time.

Something I find interesting is that all of my kids like to get to bed at a good time so they aren’t tired the next day. I feel like since they have had good sleep habits their entire lives, they have enjoyed feeling well-rested.

Not even my teens resist going to bed or try to stay up super late. They don’t want to be tired because they don’t like the feeling.


This last bit of 2020 has in many ways been pretty normal for Brayden.

He still has piano. It is over Zoom still. He prefers piano lessons to be in person, but he is glad to be able to have piano at all.

Brayden started to teach piano lessons to both Brinley and me. Brinley’s teacher was having in-person lessons and we decided it was best to just do it at home with Brayden. He is excited to be making money that way.

He was able to participate in the high school golf team. He enjoyed that and got better at golfing. The only downside is that it really made it so he couldn’t swim at all the couple of months leading up to the swim season. The golf season was uninterrupted with any Covid related issues.

A hard thing for me with the golf team was that golf would start and end at a different time every day (Monday through Friday). I wouldn’t know he was ending until 15 minutes before they were done. We would find out what time the started the night before. It was so hard for my planning self!

He was also able to participate on the high school swim team. That is still going on. Over 50% of his meets have been canceled so far because of Covid things. Indoor sports will be harder to do than outdoor. They are testing athletes in our state every 1.5-2 weeks to make sure they are not positive. He has been tested twice and so far, so good.

I have been able to attend a couple of swim meets, but not all of them.

He was also able to ref soccer this fall. This is a great source of income for him. Reffing is definitely not an easy job. You get a lot of angry people in your life, but he handles it all very well.


School has been good. He has been able to be in person 5 days a week (school days are shorter than typical). He hasn’t been exposed or had to quarantine (knock on wood).

They have asked kids to stay home with any sort of sickness, so he has missed a few days because he felt like he might have a sore throat or had a headache. There hasn’t been anything serious and he is able to stay up to date with classes online.


Here is a typical schedule.

6:00 AM–Get up and get ready
7:30 AM–Go to school
2:15 PM–Get home from school (unless at golf or swim). Homework.
5:00 PM–Dinner
9:00 PM–Start to get ready for bed
9:30-10:00 PM–In bed

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