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Chronicles of a Babywise Mom Yahoo! Group

I have finally figured out a good way to share documents with those who want them! I decided to create a Chronicles of a Babywise Mom Yahoo! group. I have made it private so that all conversations can be had safely without the Babywise bashers out there jumping in.

You need to request to join. I will approve all members, but will quickly ban any member who proves to want to create trouble. Here is the link

I have uploaded the Sleep Log I am currently using with McKenna. I have more documents I plan to upload also. Hopefully this can be an easy and useful way for all of us to share information with each other!


Meg said...

What a fantastic idea! I'm heading over there now!

Paladinos9801 said...

So glad you're doing this. I'm really thankful for all you do!!

LC said...

Thanks for doing this Val! So glad you are...and it's a shame there're bashers/haters out there.

LV said...

Hi, I honestly think your blog is much better than the book! The book left me very confused at times, but your application of principles is encouraging!

May I please ask you: at some stage you said, if I understand correctly, that you lived in a bachelor flat when your son was born? At which age did you move? Do you have any particular tips for survival? We have been staying in a bachelor flat since the baby was born for 7mnths now. Its getting easier now, but I am worried ab crawling time.

Thank you once again for your time

Plowmanators said...

You are welcome to all!

Plowmanators said...


That is a good question. I will write a post on it! We moved when Brayden was one year old (barely).