Baby Stuff I Love: Newborn List

Newborn list of items to buy. Layette and newborn registry list. Easily see all of the items you need to get for your new baby.

Newborn list

I have a list I compiled while I was pregnant with Brayden of things you “need” for your new baby. I made it from several different lists that I had found in books and online. I was just going over it for my next baby, and thought I would post the list here. Then you all can add anything you want to. This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. That does not increase your price at all.


  • Car Seat: I use this early on–obviously. I recommend that before you buy a car seat at any age, you consult Consumer Reports. It is nice to get opinions from other moms and read reviews online, but moms and reviews don’t know the safety level unless they have been in an accident with it. Infant Car Seats
  • Hanging Toys: I hook a hanging toy on the carseat handle from birth, though the baby doesn’t enjoy it immediately. Hanging Toys
  • Mirror: I love the car mirror. It is a must from day one for me. It is a mirror that is in front of baby, then the driver can look in the review mirror and see baby. The front passenger can look back and see the baby in the mirror, also.
  • Blanket: I like to have a designated blanket for the car seat. I am planning on making a blanket this go around that is attached to the car seat. That way, it won’t fall on the ground!
  • Cover: I also like to cover baby with a blanket if she is sleeping. I have always used an afghan that my grandmother would make for my children. She has passed away since Kaitlyn was born, so I am going to make something a friend of mine has that attaches to the car seat. Once again, it won’t fall off. This is a great car seat cover.


(see also Big Toys for Baby (not BW))

  • Stroller: With Brayden, I used my Graco stroller/carseat combo. By the time Kaitlyn came along, I didn’t really enjoy the big bulky-ness of a stroller like that, so I didn’t use a stroller until she was old enough to sit reclined and go on walks (she was about 6 weeks). But I love strollers for walks. I am just not a stroller-in-the-store kind of gal. There are a lot of strollers out there. When choosing one, if you want to be able to take baby for walks in the stroller at a young age, be sure it either reclines or can have the car seat hooked on. Strollers
  • Playard: This is also known as a playpen or pack-n-play. I love having this. It is where I do independent playtime. It is also our portable bed we take places when we travel. Even when we go camping, we bring the playard. Playards
  • Playard Sheets/Protectors: If you get a playard, be sure you get a mattress protector and a a sheet. I like two so one can be in use while the other is being washed. It is much easier to clean sheets and protectors than the mattress. Playard Sheets and Playard Mattress Pad
  • Bassinet: This is not something I had for Brayden. We got it for Kaitlyn and I loved it. They are small, so they take up little space. I kept it in my room for about 7 months and she took a nap in there a couple of times a day. Bassinet Of course, if you get this, then you will want a couple of sheets: Bassinet Sheets
  • Carrier/Sling: I have a front carrier. It can also go on your back when baby is big enough. Both of my children disliked this. However, I have had several friends and family members who have borrowed it and loved it. Front Carriers. Since Brayden was born, slings have really come to be a popular item. While I wouldn’t use it for napping as I moved about the house, it appeals to me for replacing with the carseat or stroller when you go out. I have a couple of friends who had babies in December. They each have a sling that they put baby in at church to sleep. It isn’t cumbersome and people don’t disturb the baby. I am going to try it out with this baby.
  • Swing: I love swings. This is also not a need; I have a good friend (and fellow BW mom) who has two children and has never owned a swing. But I love my swing. Swings


  • Crib: I love the crib, naturally. I think most Babywise Moms like the crib. That is where baby sleeps 🙂
  • Crib Sheets: I would get at least two so one can be washed while the other is in use. Crib Sheets
  • Crib Mattress Pad: I would get at least two of these also: Crib Mattress Pad
  • Changing Table: I love a changing table, though I know people who get along just fine without one. Changing Tables
  • Monitor: We got an inexpensive monitor when Brayden was a baby. We then bought a really nice and expensive one when Kaitlyn was born. The inexpensive one was totally fine for short range. We got a more expensive one for Kaitlyn because we had moved into a house with a lot of land. We wanted to be able to be out in the garden and still hear her. Baby Monitors
  • Video Monitor: Many readers have sung the praises of the video monitor.

    I had heard moms talk about them, several of you readers raved about them, and so we bought one. I love it! I love being able to look at McKenna. I think it would be a great tool for CIO.

    McKenna hasn’t ever had to CIO, but I know Kaitlyn would sometimes break from her swaddle. Knowing that she had done that would have taken some of the guess work out of the process. McKenna goes in bed and 95% of the time is completely silent. I would assume she is asleep, but when I watch her in the video monitor, I can see how she settles down.

    This has helped me gauge waketime length to know what length actually helps her fall asleep the fastest. And here is the link to the one we ended up getting: Summer Infant Day & Night Handheld Color Video Monitor 1.8
  • Blankets: You might want some receiving blankets as well as some blankets to swaddle. Receiving Blankets and Swaddle Blankets

    When Kaitlyn was a baby, she loved to be swaddled, but I was literally the only person who could do it the way she liked it.

    If anyone else swaddled her to put her to bed, she wouldn’t go to sleep. She was particular. In order to avoid this problem again, I tried out a swaddling blanket.

    We went with the Kiddopotomus Swaddleme since it was the least expensive and it looked to be quite easy. We love it! They are typically only $10 each on (new version is Summer Infant SwaddleMe).

    Microfleece, Cotton Jersey Knit, and Flannel. I had a hard time deciding what to get. I first tried the cotton Jersey knit. We did this since it is coming into summertime and we figured cotton is the most breathable. It works great. Then I decided to get a fleece one for when we go camping or other colder places. McKenna prefers the fleece blanket, but I would say each baby is going to have different preferences.

    McKenna preferred to be swaddled in flannel receiving blankets; Kaitlyn preferred to be swaddled in knit blankets. Babies are different.

    I read a great review on Amazon. The woman detailed that the flannel material, expectedly, doesn’t stretch at all so your baby will outgrow it much sooner than the other materials. The fleece has some stretch. The cotton, again expectedly, has the most stretch and her baby who was at the end of the weight for the Small in cotton was still using the cotton rather than her Large (by the way, the weight for the size small is 7-15 pounds).

    I assume that by the time McKenna is 15 pounds, she will no longer be swaddled. Another thing to consider is air conditioning. We have central air. When that air is on, she really needs the fleece. Between her summer outfit and the cold air, the fleece is just right until her last nap of the day, when I put her in the cotton.

    Let me sing the praises of this swaddle blanket a bit more. It has the ability to go in the carseat. When McKenna was a flailing newborn, I would put the blanket on her in the carseat and she was much more calm.

    When we go on walks, I wrap the blanket around her torso so it covers her legs and doesn’t fall off. The shade on the stroller covers her arms and head (plus I put her in a hat), but her legs often will be exposed. I am trying to avoid too much sun exposure. When Kaitlyn was a baby, her blanket usually fell off and I usually didn’t notice until the same nice old man in my neighborhood was running after me waving my pink blanket. The Swaddlme stays in place!

    I also take the blanket with us to church and when we are out and about. When it is time for her nap, I lay the blanket on my lap and wrap her up. I then hold her and she goes to sleep. She has a sleep cue that is consistent with home and can be comfortably wrapped up to sleep.

    There are a couple of other swaddle blankets I have seen recommended, so I will list them for your consideration. The Halo Sleepsack Swaddle and the Miracle Blanket.


(see Baby Stuff I Love: Bathtime)

  • Bath Tub: I like to put baby in the bathtub once real baths can happen. I know people who do the sponge in the tub or just put baby in the sink. I like the baby bathtub. You don’t need anything right away, though, since you don’t give baths until the umbilical cord falls off. I think something like this is nice: The First Years Sure Comfort Newborn to Toddler Tub
  • Towel: I use hooded towels. I like to have two so one can be washed while the other one is in use. Super-soft Hooded Bath Wrap
  • Washcloths: I used washcloths also. I like to have about 5-6 so we can have fresh washcloths for each bath. Also, I buy new washcloths for each baby and use them only on baby. Baby Washcloths
  • Shampoo
  • Soap: Some soaps and shampoos are combined. That is nice and convenient for the newborn.
  • Baby Lotion
  • Cotton Balls: These are good for cleaning the face–especially the eyes. Kaitlyn had a plugged duct for her first few weeks, so we went through quite a few.
  • Baby Oil: I have never used baby oil for any of my children thus far in life.
  • Brush and Comb: I use the brush on my babies, but the comb comes much, much later. I have actually never used a comb for Brayden–except when I cut his hair. Baby Brush and Comb
  • Nail Clippers: If you are like me, you will definitely want baby nail clippers (not the ones you use). Some people prefer a nail file. You do need these rather soon after birth. Nail Clippers
Newborn list of items to buy. Layette and newborn registry list. Easily see all of the items you need to get for your new baby.


  • Diaper Genie: This is what I have always used and I have no complaints with it. I know there are a lot of diaper systems out there, so if you have one you love, share! I always just throw wet diapers in the garbage and use the diaper genie for soiled diapers. I am frugal like that. Diaper Genie
  • Diaper Genie Refills: If you use a system like this that requires refills, I suggest you have at least one for the system and one extra. Refills are also found here: Diaper Genie
  • Wet Wipes: I really like Huggies Natural Care unscented. The thing I like about the Huggies over a store brand (because I have tried them; I am frugal) is that you need fewer Huggies wipes to clean a poopy bum. I figure this makes up for the extra money spent on them in the first place.
  • Rash Cream: I use Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. I love it! It is expensive, but it will really last you a long time. We put it on each night to protect skin through the night. We have only purchased a few tubes in the last four years. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste
  • Diapers: You might use disposable, you might use cloth, but you must use something :). With a newborn, I do buy the more expensive diaper brands and get the diapers made for a newborn size. As baby gets a little bigger, though, I move to just the store brand.
  • Wet Wipe Warmer: This is definitely not new. We have had this since Brayden was a baby. He was very unhappy with diaper changes and was much happier with his warm wet wipe (in case you are wondering, my Mom got it for him when she saw that her precious only grandchild didn’t like cold wet wipes 🙂 ). Kaitlyn didn’t mind in the least, so she had cold wet wipes. McKenna came along and took after her older brother in her dislike for cold wipes, so I plugged the warmer back in. But you don’t need one of these–you can also warm the wet wipe in your hand for a few seconds before using it. Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer


(see Baby Stuff I Love: Sickness)

  • Rectal Thermometer: I don’t use this. I use a temporal scanner. Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer MODEL# 2000C
  • Infant Acetaminophen: You won’t be using this right away, but you can use it relatively soon. I would consult with your pediatrician before your first time, though.
  • Mylicon Drops: These are gas drops. I used these a lot with Brayden. Kaitlyn never needed it.
  • Bulb Syringe: AKA Nasal aspirator. Bulb Syringe . A NoseFrida is also popular, too, for clearing stuffy noses.


Nursing Items

(see Baby Stuff I Love: Nursing/Bottle Feeding Stuff )

  • Lansinoh: I sing its praises all the time. I love Lansinoh. I put it on once a day a month before I have the baby. Then at first, I put it on after every feeding. It really makes a HUGE difference for me. I have only had to buy a few tubes over the years. Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Lotion 2 oz
  • Nursing Bras: Get a good one. Also, you might want to wait until after you have had the baby to get one so you can be fitted. I bought a few before Brayden was born based on what the clerk told me should happen. They were really uncomfortable. When he was two weeks old, I bought another one, and I love it! I now purchase these a couple of weeks after baby is born, though I have some to use until then.
  • Nursing Nightgown: My mother-in-law gave me one of these when I had Brayden. I really like it. I don’t use it the entire time I am nursing. I only use it for the first few weeks, but it is really convenient. You don’t have to hold a shirt up or anything, which is great when you are so tired. Nursing Nightgowns
  • Nursing Pillow: I love the Boppy. Boppy Bare Naked with Miracle Middle Pillow. If you get this, you will also want at least one pillowcase. Two are nice so one can be washed while the other is in use.
  • Nursing Pads: When I was nursing Brayden, I used the absolute cheapest nursing pads out there. I figured there was no reason to use more expensive pads. I had been given lots of samples of other brands while in the hospital and wasn’t impressed. Well, one time while nursing Kaitlyn the store didn’t have the cheapest ones and only had Lansinoh. I had never tried it, but was forced to buy them. What a difference they made! They never got soaked all the way through, so my shirts never did either. They also were less conspicuous and more comfortable. I only ever had to change them because that seemed like the right thing to do. With the next baby, my plan is to use the cheap ones for my heavy engorgement time at first (except for when I am out in public). Once that is over, continue on with Lansinoh brand Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-Count Boxes (Pack of 3)
  • Breast Pump: The breast pump you get will depend on how often you pump. I don’t need to pump often, so I just have a couple of hand pumps. One is Medela and one is Avent. I like them both. Breast Pumps

Spit Up Protection

  • Bibs: I don’t use bibs until my baby is eating solid foods, but if I fed with a bottle, I would use it sooner. Just as an FYI, when I did the Baby Stuff I Love: Mealtime post, I had several readers rave about a silicone bib. I have since bought one. It is awesome. But it isn’t for a newborn. This was just a heads up :). Bibs
  • Cloth Diapers: These are great as burp cloths. Cloth Diapers. Or you ccan,of course,b uy actual Burp Cloths

Bottle Stuff

  • Bottles: I like to give my baby a bottle once a week to ensure baby can and will eat from the bottle. I have previously used Avent, which I have have loved. Avent bottles always worked well with my babies who breastfed.


  • Onesies/Bodysuits: These are great for a newborn. You can have them as undershirts or as the shirt. I find them great for the 0-3 month old especially. I then just put some pants or skirt with the onsie and I have an outfit. Onesies
  • Nightgowns: These are nice for an easy diaper change at night. The thing I don’t like about them is that they creep up. Nightgowns So then I use something like this: Sleep Bag
  • Footed Pajamas: This is what I have my babies sleep in unless it is too hot once they are past the nightgown stage. Footed Pajamas
  • Outfits: You will want a few outfits for your baby. Newborns are handled easiest in clothes that are all snapped up like the onesies I mentioned above. But there are still times you want baby to be all cute and dressed up. I just don’t use a lot of outfits for the 0-3 month stage.
  • Hats: You will need winter or summer hats depending on the time of year. Baby Hats
  • Jacket/Sweatshirt: If you have a baby in cooler weather, you will want one of these for newborn stage.
  • Socks/Booties
Newborn list of the best baby stuff from the Babywise Mom


(see also Big Toys for Baby (not BW) and Best Toys for Baby: Ages 0-3 Months)

  • Bouncy Seat: Your baby will be able to sit in a bouncy seat relatively soon after birth. I like to be stocked up for several months, but if you aren’t that type, you would wait a month or so before looking into getting one. Bouncy Seat
  • Gym: The gym is a place that can be used from birth. Baby Gym
  • Soft Book: I start reading to my baby each day from birth. I got Brayden a little soft cloth book that I read to him each day for quite a while before I started varying which book we read. I used the same for Kaitlyn and plan to do the same for baby #3. Baby Cloth Books

Read Necessary Newborn Items


  • Pacifiers: I don’t use them, but I always have a few in case. I don’t know why I have them since I don’t use them, but I do.
  • Anti-scratch Mittens: I bought these before Brayden was born, but I never found a real use for them with him or Kaitlyn. I do know people who love them, though. Mittens
  • Nightlight: I use this at first at night while there are several feedings, but I don’t like to keep it a constant in life. Not that there is anything wrong with it. I just avoid things that would have to be transported when we travel.
  • Diaper Bag
  • Scrapbook: Okay, this is definitely not a need. I love to scrapbook and prefer to do pages as we go rather than falling behind and playing catch up (not to say this is the way it always goes, but it is what I prefer). So I like to have it from the beginning.
  • Baby Book: If you don’t get a baby book right away (or ever), be sure you have somwhere you record things. You think you will remember it forever, but you won’t. I really like the Carter’s Baby Books or other brands owned by Carters (Just One Year & Child of Mine).

29 thoughts on “Baby Stuff I Love: Newborn List”

  1. For a baby carrier I would highly recommend a Moby Wrap! They can snuggle against you to sleep when out and about and when they are older they can face out and see the world while you grocery shop or do house work and need your hands free. They are so comfortable and work until the baby is almost 40 pounds.

  2. I had my first two months ago today, here are the things I’ve come to love. Onsies that come with the hand covers. These are especially great at night. I also love the sleep bags and nightgowns. They make life so much easier at night. And if you pair them up with an undershirt that doesn’t have snaps on the bottom you have no snaps to fuss with during those middle of the night feedings.If you’re breastfeeding you MUST get Lansinoh. It is what allowed me to continue nursing. Boppy pillows are also a must I think. We also use ours as a little chair/back and neck support for the baby sometimes. We really like using this when we’re all on the couch watching tv.

  3. This is a great list! I love getting ideas from other moms. We found that those anti-scratch mittens come off easily, but their little socks stay on their hands really well! For nursing, I agree with you on Lansinoh nursing pads. The extra money is worth it. I never leaked through those, ever. I really enjoyed using a My Brest Friend nursing pillow. It straps around you and has back support.Some of the cutest burp rags I have were made for me. They are just a cloth diaper with ribbon sewn down the padded area. Very simple and very cute!For the bath, we like using a small loofah instead of a washcloth. I feel like I don’t have to use as much soap with it.For diaper rash, my favorite things is cornstarch. It clears them up faster than any cream I’ve tried.

  4. One more thought: A couple of my friends have used and loved the Woombie ( swaddling. (The website is awful, but apparently their product is amazing). I’m going to try it next time.

  5. Thank you so much for the great list! I am almost 20 weeks pregnant with my first and my husband and I are registering this weekend!

  6. Great! You people have done great job. I got all answers for my doubtful queries by reading your blog.It helped me lot to know how to feed my baby, and care for my baby. I want to share about my newly bought Mickey Bungee Deluxe which is very convenient to manoeuvre and has a multi position lay back seat.

  7. Anyone have any stroller suggestions? I have a BOB for running/walking but it’s a little big for stores. I have the Chicco carseat/stroller combo but its really bulky. I have only used it a couple of times and I’m kind of wishing I never bought it. I’m thinking of getting a Mclaren umbrella….

  8. I just found Milk Bands. They are bracelets (like the Lance Armstrong type). You use them to remember which side to nurse on next. You can also keep track of how long you have nursed. They come in a variety of colors and are inexpensive ($7). I don’t know what I did before I had mine!

  9. – For swaddling, I highly recommend the Miracle Blanket ( My son was swaddled until 20 weeks, and this blanket was able to keep him fairly well wrapped, even as he got bigger (18lbs +). (The Halo sack with optional swaddle was too stretchy and allowed him to wriggle his hands right on out, and then wake himself up.) – I also “ditto” the suggestion on the onesies with the hand covers. These were life savers for us.- One thing not included in the list is breastmilk storage bags. I use the Lansinoh storage bags. They are less expensive than the Medela ones and can hold more milk.

  10. For diapers, I of course highly recommend the cloth diapers 🙂 Pocket diapers are easy to start with since they are very user-friendly and go on just like disposables, They come in cute colors and are one-sized. Cloth diapers with snaps rather than velcro will last a lot longer though, and if I was to do over my stash I would get all pocket diapers with snaps. My husband and I both prefer cloth and actually I don’t think we have any disposables in the house right now at all. They’ve saved us a lot of money vs. what we were spending on disposables and my son gets diaper rash much less in his cloth than he did when he was in disposables. They also work perfect for the 12 hours my son sleeps at night (he’s a good Babywise baby of course)! Oh, and in place of a baby book we do a baby blog online so all our family/friends who live on the other side of the country can keep up with what’s going on with Tobias. They love it and it’s easy for us to keep up with.

  11. Jsut wanted to let you know that Babies R Us is allowing for exchanges on all older bottles that contain BPA, I exchanged all my 3 year old Dr Brown’s bottles for Avent BPA Free bottles, and many of my friend’s have also. The exchange program is not widely advertised but honored at most Babies R Us stores. Love your blog and recommend it to all my BW Mommy friends!

  12. This is a great list, I’ll bookmark it for when we start on our second.I’d love to add that birdseye cloth diapers are the BEST burp rags out there.I use to use the Lansinoh Pads and I found that I like Medela better…For nasal aspirator I LOVE the Bebe Sounds Nasal Aspirator-it fits the nose perfectly and doesn’t suck too hard or too soft-I give these out now at every babyshower. You can get it at Burlington Baby Depot or Babies R Us.

  13. Thanks for your tips Jennifer! I love the sock idea for the hands. Then you can get double use out of them 🙂

  14. Heidi,I use the Jeep umberella stroller. I like it because it has some little pouches to put stuff in and it is sturdy enough for walks outside and compact enough for in stores and other busy places.

  15. Thanks Parkers! I don’t ever think about breastmilk storage bags since I don’t ever store it 🙂 That is a good thing to add.

  16. Thanks for your thoughts Amanda! We also do a family blog. That is a great way to keep a “family journal.”

  17. Connie,Thanks so much! That is fantastic news. I still have all of my old bottles for some reason…I don’t know why I haven’t thrown them out. I guess for this very reason!

  18. The Ultimate Crib Steet by Basic Comfort is one of my most-prized items. We set it on top of the crib sheet and it is SO EASY to change.

  19. Thanks Ben and Jenny. I have heard good things about that. I really need to get it. I hate changing sheets! I am putting it on my list of things to get.

  20. I agree with the diaper genie thing – I only used it for soiled diapers as the pee only diapers don't really stink!I love these bibs – Dura Bibs (by Dex)- We have 3 and could not live without them! They catch everything and they are great because when my 7 month old practices drinking from a sippy cup he spills almost all the water down his front. They are super duper easy to clean. They are cheaper than the link lists – you can get them for $5 at Walmart and for $4 at Kmart! Yay!We used Gerber Nuk bottles and absolutely adore them! I did give him formula supplements just once a day from birth because he had to be hospitalized for jaundice and the doctor said we needed to. After that it just became a habit but he transitions back and forth from bottle to breast so easily with these and they are BPA free!

  21. Thank you so much for sharing this list! It's been so helpful in helping me decide what I need to put on my baby registry (or just to know what I might need) as I'm expecting my first baby in March.I'm new to your site as well. Looking forward to reading more and gaining some tips in the future!


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