7 Building Toys Your Children Will Love

Looking for gift ideas for kids? These building toys make great gifts and will be toys your little ones will enjoy for many years to come.

Girl with Duplo LEGOs

Updated November 2019

Here are my reviews of the building toys we have. Building toys are so educational and fun! Building toys make great STEM toys. Children love to create. Brayden started off loving building toys and his sisters have all followed right along behind him.

Building Toys Children Will Love

LEGO, LEGO Juniors, and LEGO Duplo Sets

Age Range: 18 months and up depending on which set you get

Review: I have raved about LEGO DUPLOs before. My children love these. These are in my top five all around greatest toys. They have been one of Kaitlyn’s favorite toys since she was 18 months old, and they still are one year later. Brayden (4.5) also loves them. He is old enough now that he builds more complex things with them, like planes.

LEGOs can grow with your child. You can get LEGO sets for teenagers that are challenging. They also have a LEGO Junior line that is for 4 and older, so you can really appeal to all ages.

Buy Again?: Definitely. We have been adding to our Duplo set since we bought our first one last year. LEGO is the favorite building toy of all four of my children. You can get generic block sets or you can go for themed sets from animals, to princesses, to police cars, to Marvel, to Harry Potter, to Elves…


Age Range: It depends on which ones you get. They have a line for 18 months and up, so you can start young.

Review: Geomags are our second favorite building toys.

Buy Again?: Definitely. We have one small set and plan to add to it this Christmas.


Age Range: 3 and older

Review: Magformers are another magnet toy that are very fun. These are really fun for making all sorts of shapes and buildings.

Buy Again?: Definitely! This is another set we have built upon. These will last you well into the preteen years, so it is a toy that will last.

Bristle Blocks

Age Range: 2 and older

Review: We didn’t discover Bristle Blocks until our fourth child. They are so fun for little ones! They do not require as much coordination as DUPLOs, and they come with human and/or animal figurines. They are a great starter building toy for those little toddlers.

Buy Again?: Yes! I would highly recommend this to toddler parents.

Lincoln Logs

Age Range: 4 and up

Review: My grandfather gave Lincoln Logs to Brayden for his fourth birthday. It was perfect because that is around the age that he really came to love to build things. At first, he would only build it exactly as the instructions told him to. Over time, through coaxing by my husband, he started to branch out and build log structures in his own way.

Buy Again?: Yes. But I would have Duplos and Geomags first. If your child ends up being obsessed with building toys, this is a good addition. If not, it is low on the list of building toys.

Alphabet Blocks

Age Range: 2 and up.

Review: I can see how alphabet blocks are educational, but I don’t really see the thrill. Despite that, Brayden and Kaitlyn play with these quite often. These blocks are a classic toy, and I guess there is a reason classics are classics 🙂

Buy Again?: Yes, but it would come after Duplos and Geomags on my list.

Wood Building Blocks

Age Range: 3 and older

Review: Building blocks can really occupy kids for hours. I have seen toddlers and preschoolers play with these for hours together. 

Buy Again?: Yes. But if you have limited space, for me this would be low on the list of building toys, which is why it is last on my list. I would choose between the alphabet blocks and these blocks. These might be more appealing to most kids. 

Please share your children’s favorite building toys!


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