Common Schedule Difficulties for Babies 0-6 Months

Typical difficulties parents face as they work to have their baby on a schedule. These are common problems faced in the first 6 months of baby’s life.

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In chapter one of The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems, Tracy Hogg lists common complaints she hears from parents of babies ages 0-6 months and the solutions to those complaints. I thought I would list those that I also hear often.

0-6 WEEK Old Baby Difficulties

Below are some common difficulties parents of newborns face along with the top tips for solving these problems. 

Baby Wants to Eat Every Two Hours

(page 26)

  • First, be sure baby isn’t going through a Growth spurt . If so, feed baby. If not, move on to other solutions (this is not a suggestion of Hogg’s, but the number one suggestion of mine).
  • If baby weighs less than 6.5 pounds or has jaundice, he might need to eat more often right now.
  • Be sure baby is taking in a full feed when eating.
  • Be sure the latch-on is appropriate.
  • Check your milk supply.
  • Be sure baby isn’t using you or the bottle as a pacifier (again, my suggestion).

Baby Acts Like He Wants To Eat, Then Only Sucks For a Moment

(page 26)

  • Baby wants to use you as a pacifier.
  • He isn’t taking in full feeds and just wants to snack.
  • Milk supply might be low.
  • Let down might be slow (my addition).
  • Let down might be too forceful (my addition).
  • Baby might have Reflux (my addition).

Naps Are Inconsistent

(page 26)

Baby is Up Frequently At Night

(page 26)

  • Baby has night and day mixed up.
  • Baby is sleeping too much in the day (but don’t keep her up to the point of overstimulation).
  • Baby is not getting enough waketime in the day (my addition).
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6 WEEKS to 4 MONTH Old Baby Difficulties

Here are some common reasons for some difficulties faced in the 4-6 month old stage. A huge one is Wonder Week 19, so be sure to read up on that. 

Baby Won’t Sleep More Than 3-4 Hour Stretches At Night

(page 30)

Baby Was Sleeping Through The Night, but Now is Up Often

(page 30)

Baby’s Naps Are Short

(page 30)

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4 TO 6 MONTHS Old Baby Difficulties

Baby Is Eating So Quickly; I Am Afraid He Isn’t Eating Enough

(page 35)

  • This might not be a real problem. Babies get to be much faster nursers/bottlefeeders as they get older.
  • Baby might not be hungry enough and is ready for a four hour schedule
  • If baby seems unsatisfied, check your milk supply (my addition).


As you parent, you are sure to come across many difficult situations. These common problems faced by parents can help you to recognize what is normal and the steps you can take to quickly get through the difficulty. 

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