Baby Whisperer Personality Types: Spirited Baby

Learn about the spirited baby personality type as described by Tracy Hogg in the Baby Whisperer books. Learn what to expect from your baby.

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Tracy Hogg, aka the Baby Whisperer, describes five different personality profiles that babies fall into. “Spirited” is her fourth category.

Spirited Baby Definition

A quick overall description of a spirited baby is as follows:

Spirited Baby: Born knowing what she likes and doesn’t like and makes it well-known.

Vocal and aggressive.

Screams when she wakes.

Doesn’t like dirty diapers.

Body language is jerky. Needs swaddling.

If she starts to cry without interruption, it leads to more crying until she is in a rage. Grabs toys from other babies when she gets the chance and has the ability.

Spirited Baby Personality Details

Now some details. This info is found in The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems on page 59-60.


Eating is similar to angel babies, who are generally good eaters and open to trying something new. Spirited babies can sometimes be impatient nursers if the mom’s let-down is slow.


“High energy, feisty, and very active.” These children are willing to jump into activities and have little impulse control. They can be aggressive with other children and do better playing with others in the morning hours. 


Hates being swaddled. Resistant to nap and bedtime–they don’t like to miss out on the action.


Impatient, opinionated, vocal, and stubborn (sounds like a toddler right?). They can be happy one moment, furious the next, and happy again. They love action but don’t monitor themselves and easily overdo it. Tantrums are hard to stop. Transitions are hard for these children.

Described As

“A handful. Always into something. I don’t have the energy to keep up with her. She’s fearless.” (seriously sounds like a typical two year old to me).

Do you have a spirited baby? Any tips for other moms with spirited babies?

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Spirited Baby personality profile

9 thoughts on “Baby Whisperer Personality Types: Spirited Baby”

  1. This was definitely my son – now 4 years old. All I can say is that once they are old enough to "follow the rules" and stay in bed and kinda quiet during sleeptimes (because you know they're not always sleeping for them)….. these kids are AWESOME! Bright, fun, energetic. And once they can follow your instructions reliably, you don't have to chase them around to keep them safe, and then they are just plain awesome and fun! 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing perspective on older kids Katie. I think those sound like great qualities to focus on

  2. I'm pretty sure that's my daughter! She's 6 months old now and has always hated being swaddled, but now, she seems to want to be swaddled in order to go to sleep. Her latest thing is ripping an arm out of the swaddle and grinning w/ twinkling eyes at me!

  3. Katie {My Paisley Apron}— I am SO glad to hear there is hope. This is my second daughter exactly, and it can be frustrating some days. She's 16 months now so she is able to get into everything and throw her tantrums, but can not follow what I tell her quite yet (little things, but not much, yet). She is constantly ripping things away from her 4YO sister and if my oldest stands up for herself in any way, she runs after her trying to pull her hair or bite her. Ugh!! My oldest is was an angel baby so this is all new to me 😉

  4. My 3 year old is spirited and we've been working with his teachers and early intervention to help with more positive discipline and working w him and not against him. Since we did BW since he was born, he's an amazing sleeper, which is rare for a spirited child. So grateful we followed a routine cause we all need sleep w how busy this boy is. He does push our buttons but he's so sweet and senative. Thankfully there's support out there cause having a spirited child can be lonely, no one really understands what we go through daily.

  5. This is my son to the T! He is only 4 months old… But he is as spirited as it gets. As far as activities, the crazier the better. He will jump in his jumper all day long and gets cranky if he sits still for very long. He hates dirty diapers, hates being confined in the car, and absolutely loathes naps. Transitioning from wake Tims to nap time requires at least 10 mins of crying while I hold him and rock him. On the other hand when he is where he wants to be (awake and center of attention) he is the happiest, smiliest little boy I have ever seen. He has such an infectious personality and is very social. People comment all the time how reactive and happy he is. Little do they know what goes on in the car and at nap time ;). I love how happy he is and how playful he is, I just wish nap time and car rides would get better, he needs naps and I need to get out of the house once in a while!

  6. My daughter is only 12 weeks old, but this describes her to a T. We have called her a "diva" from day 1! She knows what she wants and knows how to get it! Glad to know she's not alone 🙂 Does the baby whisperer discuss suggestions on how to handle the harder issues with this personality type? Like tantrums and resisting naptimes?

    • There is talk on eating and sleeping based on personality profiles. She has a toddler book that I haven't read. I would bet she talks about tantrums in light of personality profiles.


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