Baby Whisperer Personality Types: Angel Baby

Things to know about the “angel” baby as described in the Baby Whisperer books. Know what to expect with mood, disposition, eating, and sleep.

Sweet baby sleeping

I find one of the most interesting things in the Baby Whisperer books (affiliate link) is her personality typing.

I wanted to talk about each personality type individually. In The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems, Hogg talks about Angel babies in general on page 58.

How Schedules Can Influence Personalities

In How to Identify Your Baby’s Personality I talk about personalities. Following a routine can really affect your baby’s natural personality disposition.

Because Brayden was a non-Babywise baby for his first 9 weeks, I can think of his babyhood pre-babywise and post-babywise.

His personality definitely changed when we started Babywise. Hogg has a quiz in Secrets of the Baby Whisperer, and here are his numbers:


  • Angel baby: 1
  • Textbook baby: 4
  • Touchy Baby: 7
  • Spirited Baby: 4
  • Grumpy Baby: 3

Post Babywise

  • Angel baby: 8
  • Textbook baby: 12
  • Touchy Baby: 0
  • Spirited Baby: 0
  • Grumpy Baby: 0

Quite the difference, right? We will talk more about him later–he is obviously not the angel baby.

Angel Baby

Since we are talking angel babies, let me show you Kaitlyn’s numbers–she is my angel baby:

  • Angel baby: 17
  • Textbook baby: 3
  • Touchy Baby: 0
  • Spirited Baby: 0
  • Grumpy Baby: 0
My angel baby

Angel babies are called “angel” because they are just that–angels. As good as gold. Easy as can be.

Kaitlyn was/is an “angel” personality type and would have been with or without Babywise. Even with reflux, she was undeniably and angel.

Angel Baby Eaters

Generally good eaters as babies and open to trying something new.

Kaitlyn was an amazing eater as a baby. She was my fastest nurser. She liked everything she ate as a baby, though she did not love mushy baby food. She preferred real texture.

Kaitlyn does have some “pickiness” with food. She does not like food that is acidic at all. She never had acidic food as a baby for the obvious “don’t feed babies acidic food” reasons.

She doesn’t like spaghetti sauce. She doesn’t like ketchup. She doesn’t like pineapple or oranges. She doesn’t like orange juice. I think that all stems back to reflux. Those foods give her heartburn.

Angel Babies During Activities

Moderately active. They play independently from babyhood on. High tolerance for change and easily portable. Very social, like to interact, and are good at sharing.

Kaitlyn was always content to sit and play–she still is. She doesn’t need to be running around to be happy. She has always been an amazing independent player. She was as a baby and still is to this day. Independent play has never been an issue. 

She has always handled disruptions well. Angel babies are great as a non-first born because you can mess with their schedule for activities and they don’t melt down. 

Kaitlyn is the queen of social. Everyone loves Kaitlyn. She is sweet and makes friends everywhere she goes–seriously. She has an incredible understanding of social graces and I kid you not, she is a far better hostess than I am. 

Kaitlyn is great at sharing. She has her moments of possessiveness, but overall, she is very willing and happy to share with others.

Angel Babies and Sleep

Goes down easily and independently. Good sleeper.

Kaitlyn is a great, great sleeper.

Do you know that since she started sleeping through the night, we have only been woken by her in the night one time (she is four years old)? One time–and that was last month…she had a bad dream I think.

Nothing interrupts her sleep. I have been woken more times than that by Brayden, and I have been woken more times than that by McKenna. The sleep of an angel baby is incredible.

Angel Baby Mood

Usually easy going and upbeat. Steady and predictable. 

This is also true for Kaitlyn, though a three year old girl definitely has her extreme emotional states! That is where the “usually” comes in. As a baby, though, she was always happy.

Angel Baby Description

Good as gold–I could have five like him–We were really lucky–It was like there wasn’t even a baby in the house…

Yes–very true.


I think every parent deserves an angel baby–it is a lovely experience. They are very easy in general.

If your baby is not an angel baby, however, don’t despair. As you saw in my numbers with Brayden, you can have angel baby characteristics even with one of the more difficult personality types as a result of your nurturing. 

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9 thoughts on “Baby Whisperer Personality Types: Angel Baby”

  1. My second child is also an angel baby type. The only thing she differs from the book's explanation on is that when she was a baby (up to 18 months or 2 yrs) she was very antisocial and didn't even like people to talk to her. Everything else is just as Tracey Hogg describes, but there she was different. However, she has changed and is now (almost 5 yrs) my most social of the bunch. 🙂 Weird. None of my kids fit the baby personalities perfectly. I don't even know what my other two were. Couldn't even pick a combination if I tried.

  2. No angel babies here 🙂 I seem to have lucked out and gotten 2 textbook babies though. Well, Peter might be spirited but it's hard to say because he's such a great sleeper. Unfortunately I don't have the Secrets of the Baby Whisperer, just the Solves All Your Problems one. Is there a copy of her test for personality type online somewhere?

  3. Nevermind, I found a test and Peter scored a 9 for Spirited and a 6 for Textbook, so pretty much what I would have guessed. Things could get interesting once he starts crawling, lol!

  4. I would be really interested to know how these baby types trend as they get older – if we could even know that. Like do angel babies end up being pleasers and possibly followers while spirited become leaders or rebellious. Perhaps other things like birth order, parenting, other factors influence later personality traits and behavior more… but it's interesting to think about. My almost 2 DD is pretty textbook, possibly angel which of course I like now, but often wonder how her good and "perfectness" will translate as a pre-teen, wanting to fit in, etc. Scary thoughts! even with good parenting.

  5. Thanks to everyone for your comments!Manda, if it makes you feel less worried about crawling, Brayden is a spirited baby at the core, so it can be very smooth. Of course, Brayden has the added first born nature.Kristin, with my kids, Kaitlyn is definitely not a follower. She does her own thing and has no problem telling friends they shouldn't be doing something. I would guess a lot of the "leader/follower" types come more out of birth order than this.


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