Brinley Baby Summary: 50 Weeks Old

50 week old baby schedule and routine! 11 month old schedule. Baby schedule for baby’s 50th week. Baby schedule and routine for the fiftieth week of life. 49-week-old baby routine and daily life. Learn about weaning from breastfeeding, swimming with a baby, and teaching a baby to listen to verbal commands.

This is a summary for Brinley’s 50th week; she was 49 weeks old.


She still nursed for the first two feedings this week. No biting. 

A fun thing about her taking bottles now is that the family can get involved. Kaitlyn absolutely loves to feed Brinley bottles. She cuddles up with her on the couch and feeds her. She gives her kisses. It is so cute to watch.

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This week, she started to refuse purees with me at times, also. I need to put my thinking cap on and remember different ways to feed vegetables!


Sleep was great and normal.


She was super happy again this week. Oh how I love the super happy weeks! She continued getting more and more mobile.


Brinley went swimming again this week. She loved it! She loved it so much. We got out our floatie from swimways (Baby Spring Float). She loved sitting in that and going out into the water. It made swimming with her TONS easier, and the kids loved pushing her around in it.


We have a hall that leads to our stairs. Brinley is not allowed down that hall because I don’t want her falling down the stairs (we do not have a baby gate on it). She will test her limits. Sometimes she listens to me and turns around. Sometimes she smiles and waves and me and continues down the hall.

My mom was here one day when Brinley went into the hall and I called her back. My mom commented that “oh! She isn’t allowed down there!?!” She shared that when she was watching Brinley, she would get to the opening to the hall, get a “glint” in her eye, wave, and take off down the hall. Always testing. 

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8:45–nurse with solids (fruit, cereal, yogurt, finger foods). Independent Playtime happens in this block.
10:30-11:00–nap starts
12:45-1:00–wake up, nurse with solids (veggie, fruit, finger foods)
2:30-3:00–nap starts
5:00–wake up, bottle with solids (veggie, fruit, finger foods) 
7:30–bottle, then bedtime. In bed by 8:00-8:30.



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