Brinley Pre-Toddler Summary: 12.5 Months Old

12.5 month old pretoddler schedule and routine. 12.5 month old schedule. Baby schedule for baby’s 54-55th weeks. Baby schedule and routine for the fifty-fourth and fifty-fifth week of life. 53-week-old and 54-week-old baby routine and daily life. Learn about a 12 month old appetite and how much they will eat, moving to a booster seat and out of a highchair, moving to one nap, and weaning from a bottle.

Brinley eating ice cream for the first time

This is a summary for Brinley for age 12-12.5 months old. This is weeks 54 and 55–she was 53 and 54 weeks old. Hopefully that is enough info for however people count 🙂


Eating is going well and normal. She is eating the same as usual. Children around one usually start to slow down their food intake. Hers hasn’t so far–I think one reason is making up for being sick just before she turned one; she has some ground to recover. 

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She is not eating purees at all except for her morning oatmeal and prunes. I am not sure why she still likes that each morning, but I am going with it.

enjoying an ice cream cone at a family reunion


We have permanently moved her booster to the table. We hadn’t done it yet and were just bringing out the booster each time, but I decided that was silly. It was time to make it official. She has a new spot. We rearranged some seating at our table and we are nice and cozy now with all 6 of us there.

Do you guys have assigned seating at the dinner table? We totally do. We are strategically placed so people are by people so they don’t goof around (I feel like a school teacher).

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Sleeping was good and normal this week.

Looking ahead, I think Brinley will be an early “one nap” person. I will be thrilled with that! If it happens. I love one nap. The earliest is typically 14 months that a child can move to exclusively one nap a day. So I am planning October sometime. 

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So…I have a confession. During this time period, it was the last two weeks of summer for my kids. I didn’t want to cut in on her time to play with them since she is really not a wake a ton, and when you add in eating, play time is limited enough…we didn’t do any independent play! I think it will be okay. This was a time when the schedule was to serve us, and I wanted to enjoy every minute of the end of summer. I wouldn’t give up on it long-term because I highly value it, but we took a vacation.


Her obedience is just getting better and better! It is so great to see improvement. 


One day, I remembered I needed to be weaning her from a bottle! McKenna, you might remember, never took a bottle, so I didn’t worry about that with her. But with my older kids, we were in weaning mode at least by a year. I realized just a couple of days after her birthday, so I wasn’t too far behind, but it took me by surprise.

She is down to sippy twice a day and bottle twice a day. She wasn’t really phased by the sippy. It is a hard-top sippy. She has soft top sippys and she has always had water from those, but they are starting to break in the nipple, so we are transitioning to the hard top for milk. I don’t mind water leaking everywhere but don’t want milk leaking. Her flexibility always astounds me! (for more on how I wean, see 


8:45–nurse with solids (fruit, cereal, yogurt, finger foods). Independent Playtime happens in this block.
10:30-11:00–nap starts
12:45-1:00–wake up, bottle with solids (veggie, fruit, other foods we are eating)
2:30-3:00–nap starts
5:00–wake up, bottle with solids (veggie, fruit, dinner) 
7:30–bottle, then bedtime. In bed by 8:00-8:30.



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  1. Hi!My little girl is just a few weeks younger than Brinley and won't eat anything pureed or anything from a spoon. She has to be able to pick it up or she won't eat it. She really is becoming a picky eater. I have tried giving her what we have for dinner, but most of the time she won't eat it. Her staples are noodles and cheese and any kind of fruit. I am a first time mom and really could benefit from some ideas! Maybe some finger food lunch ideas or any ideas would be much appreciated!Thank you!Leah

  2. I have a similar situation to the above comment. My son is 10.5 months and will only eat fruit or yogurt from a spoon. He self feeds pretty well (whatever we have for dinner, plus the usual Cheerios, corn, cheese, etc. I am wondering if he ready for solids exclusively. When transitions, do you use a fork to feed or let then go at it alone? My only concern is that he doesn't get enough. I apologize for the grammar errors…they drive me nuts! However, I cannot go back and correct on this format.Thanks,SMH

  3. Hi! I have a question. My daughter is 55 weeks now. For the last 2 weeks she's been having a harder time getting to sleep for 2nd nap and I even noticed one night she took about 30 minutes to get to sleep for the night. Is this a sign that she needs to move to 1 nap? She has always been on the low end of the sleep total for her day. She usually does 10.5 hours at night( I dream of a 12 hour night) and 3 hours on a good day for naps. Her first nap is at 10-10:15am and 2nd is at 3:00-3:15pm. I make sure she's up by 4:30 for an 8pm bedtime. How could I possibly do a 1 nap schedule? Would I move her naptime down to 11:00 or 11:30am. That's quite a jump…I can't see it working if I left it at 10:00am. Today she only took a 30minute 2nd nap. She was fine though until bedtime. Her first nap is between 1.5 and 2 hours usually. I hope this provides enough insight into my situation. It feels like it would be early(for her age) to move to 1 nap. I also feel like it would stress me out because a 2 hour nap is the best she ever does and I would have to have a great 1 nap if I moved to 1 nap, right?

  4. My daughter is pretty much identical to Stephanie's…She currently naps 1 1/2 -2 hours in the morning, and a little over an hour in the afternoon. Her problem has been going to sleep at night. It has been taking her up to an hour some nights lately. Then she has been waking up a little earlier than usual. She was sleeping about 11 hours at night, but lately it has been10-10 1/2. I'm confused because she goes right to sleep for naps, and seems to be tired in the morning for one. Does this sound like she is ready to transition to one nap? She just turned 13 months. She also has two more teeth trying to come in…any suggestions? Thanks!

  5. Leah and SMH, Next week I am doing a bunch of posts surrounding food–including one day of finger foods. So those posts should help you out!


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