Instapot {Friday Finds}

Last summer, the Instapot  (aff) went on a super deal one day on Amazon, and I rushed into purchasing one. I typically think about big purchases like that (yes, that feels big to me!) for months if not years. Rushing hasn’t necessarily been bad for me; some of my favorites were rushes, like my AeroGarden (super love!) and my stick vacuum (love even more than I imagined I would!) . Even with my good luck, I tend to think, think, and think some more.

Perhaps because I rushed into this, for months I used the Instapot just like I did my pressure cooker. Then one of my good friends got an Instapot  and started using it as it should be used. She was raving about how amazing it was and how it was changing her dinner prep life. Here I sat, with one in my cupboard, still thinking about the purchase.

Then a couple more friends started raving, and I knew I had to learn how to use this like I should. I tried a few recipes out and wow! It really does cook food very well. Meat can be cooked quickly and yet so that it is tender.

This isn’t like a slowcooker (yet it can be used as a slowcooker, so points for reducing the number of small appliances we need in our lives). You don’t fix it in the morning and walk away. It also takes longer to really cook food than you might think. The ravings of it cooking something in 40 minutes do not account for the time the machine took to get up to pressure, so you will be in it longer than you might think. Keep that in mind when you are planning out what time you need to start a meal. The great thing, though, is you get slowcooker tenderness in 1-2 hours instead of 6-10. That means if you forgot to get things started in the morning, you can still make dinner that evening.

With that said, this is absolutely worth the purchase for you. If you are on the fence about this and wondering if you should get one, let me push you onto the side that says yes! My world is just opening up with this and I am excited to see how it can transform my busy nights.


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