It’s gonna happen again

by Allison


My husband and I had our first daughter in July 2011. So many people recommended babywise (namely my sister who applied it to 3 of her kids) that I was determined to do it. We brought our bundle of joy home and at two weeks old we started her on a schedule with eat/wake/sleep. We were fortunate that she didn’t cry when going down to sleep. She was textbook. At 6 weeks she was sleeping through the night and never looked back!


Fast forward to today. We had our second bundle of joy in May and are doing BW with her. She is 7 weeks old and a crier – a very different baby in how she responses to BW. With having a 4 year old to take care of I was worried I wasn’t sticking close enough to the schedule for Baby 2 to sleep through the night. I spent a week home (not going anywhere) to keep her on her schedule and she adjusted quickly. This blog helped me determine why she was crying and when I made the adjustments most of her crying before nap has stopped. She is well on her way to sleeping through the night (she is sleeping 6 hours straight – I don’t know if that is considered sleeping through the night).


I tell my husband how fortunate we are to have the BW principles to apply. They worked great with my first and it’s gonna happen again with our second. I am happy we aren’t one of the couples who don’t sleep through the night for a year, or more! Having a baby who sleeps through the night by 2 months is unheard of – except in BW circles. That’s why I recommend it to all my friends.


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